How to make clever plasticine with your own hands: a selection of recipes for every taste

  • How to make clever plasticine with your own hands: a selection of recipes for every taste

    Clever plasticine or, as it is also called, hand-gam, which means "chewing gum", really feels like chewing gum to the touch, besides, unlike usual, this clay does not stick to your hands and does not leave sticky spots, with changes in temperature, it can change light and properties.

    Such a substance can be made independently from materials that are sure to be found in every home. In this article, recipes will be presented, having become acquainted with which, it becomes clear from which ingredients and how to make smart clay with their own hands.

    Below you are offered a selection of videos in which the masters share the recipes for making this kind of plasticine. Namely, the ingredients from which it is possible to make this mixture will be shown, it will also be shown how and in what order the presented ingredients should be mixed.

    Recipe # 1: PVA + sodium tetraborate

    One of the most common ways to make clever plasticine at home involves the use of the following materials, namely glue, sodium tetraborate and dye, and in the process of work you will need a plastic container, a stick to mix ingredientsand gloves.

    First you need to pour about one tablespoon of pvc glue in the container, then you should add a half-spoonful of sodium tetraborate, there is no sense, because clay is too liquid in consistency, then you need to add more dye and mix the mixture. During the mixing process, the mass gradually thickens, after which it must be placed in a plastic bag so that it finally thickens and the toy is ready.

    Recipe # 2: starch and water

    You can make clever plasticine without sodium tetraborate, and use only starch and water. The method of manufacture is simple enough, you just mix water and starch in the containers in equal proportions, also add a few drops of gouache or food color to give color, then mix all the ingredients, and the work can be considered complete.

    Recipe # 3: starch + glue + water

    There is another recipe without sodium, including such materials: starch, glue, water and food coloring. First, in the enameled container it is necessary to heat the water, then add starch to the warm water, then you need to pour the glue of the masonry, add the dye of the desired color and mix all the ingredients. According to this recipe plasticine will be liquid, but not less suitable for modeling, just figurines that will be molded from it, will not hold shape well.

    Recipe No.4( without using glue)

    Below you will find a recipe that allows you to make clever plasticine without glue.

    So, for the manufacture of such a mixture, we need a conventional clay, gelatin powder and half a cup of water. The first step is to prepare the jelly according to the instructions on the gelatin pack, then the still unheated and hot mass should be drained into another clean container. Then you need to boil about fifty milliliters of water. Next, you need to form small pieces of a hundred grams of ordinary plasticine and place them in a saucepan with boiled water, then put the saucepan on a slow fire and stir constantly. After the clay is melted, add the previously dissolved gelatin to the mass and mix.