• Fitness and its varieties

    Fitness has many varieties. Because, strange as it may seem, any physical exercise or complex of trainings, as a result of which a certain level of health is achieved, can be attributed to fitness.

    The most common types of fitness Aerobics are movements to music that stimulate the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This is a great way to raise your spirits and fight overweight. Stretching is a complex of exercises. The name comes from the English word "stretch" - "stretch, stretch".The complex helps to develop muscles, make them elastic, and joints flexible and mobile.

    Callanetic is a unique system of exercises that causes activity of deeply located muscle groups.

    Shaping is a complex system that combines not only physical exercises and nutrition principles, but also art( shaping choreography), fashion( shaping style), the concept of beautiful appearance.

    Thanks to such a variety of directions in fitness, everyone can choose what is right for him.

    Fitness as a sport

    In general, fitness in the language of specialists and scientists can be defined as "the degree of balance of physical, mental, social states without excessive physical and mental stress in a state of harmony with the environment."Simply put, this is a set of principles, a single concept of life that gives people strength and self-confidence, strengthens not only the body, but the soul.

    It should be noted that in the Russian language the word "fitness" has acquired several meanings. First of all, this is a diversified physical development of a person, strengthening or maintaining his health. Here it is necessary to mention a certain fitness complex, which includes:

    weight training( usually with weights, aimed at strengthening and increasing muscle mass);

    aerobic or cardiovascular( improve the activity of i cardio-vascular and respiratory systems);

    training of flexibility( for this purpose in aerobics I developed a special program - stretching);

    a full-fledged healthy diet and keeping a healthy image.

    Fitness is a broader concept than daily home workouts or regular visits to a fitness club, equipped with a large number of down-to-earth equipment and offering many additional services. Fitness - this is a certain way of life, in a sense, even the worldview of the individual. If a person is really tuned to maintain a good physical shape, he will always find the right way to achieve his goal.

    Fitness classes are popular because they are not offered to wear themselves out with training and diets before a fainting state. Training should not necessarily tire. Many people are engaged in the morning, before work, using various exercises to raise the tone and get a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.