• The youth of your skin

    Everyone wants to live long, many dream of immortality, and nobody wants to look old. To reduce your age, you, unfortunately, are not able, but to look younger than you are in fact, it is quite possible. Let's not talk about full rejuvenation of the body, which includes the proper nutrition, and charging, and removing from the body accumulated over the long years of toxins, touch on the topic of skin rejuvenation.

    Let's make an excursus into history. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was famous for its beauty. The queen's face was of an unusually light shade, which at that time was considered a privilege only of the rich ladies. During the excavations, a papyrus was discovered, from which it became clear that Cleopatra had developed a collection of cosmetic products for skin care and for her rejuvenation. The main means of helping her to always remain beautiful were baths of milk. The Queen accepted them very often. The bath, except milk, added rose petals and honey. In Ancient Rome, the second wife of Emperor Nero Ponpey took baths of donkey milk to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, for this purpose a herd consisting of several

    of hundreds of donkeys was specially kept in the vicinity of Rome. Milk of the donkey made the skin velvety, tender, smoothing all wrinkles and wrinkles.

    Of course, now it is not affordable to take a bath from ordinary cow milk, but we would advise those who want to always have fresh smooth skin, take baths, adding only 2-3 cups of milk and 2 tablespoons of water to the water.l.honey. Having taken such a bath, you will relax well, and your skin will become unusually silky and young.

    Will help to feel rejuvenated and the following procedure: go to a Russian bath or sauna( unless, of course, you do not have it contraindicated).Warm up a little in the steam room until sweating begins, and then grease the whole body with a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of milk and honey( honey must be liquid if it is candied, melt it in a water bath) in a 2: 1 ratio. Again go to the steam room and sit there for 5-10 minutes, flush yourself with water;Now, if you want, you can bathe in a broom. After you leave the bath, wipe the steamed body with a swab dipped this time just in milk. Your skin will be smooth and pink, like a newborn!

    Wrinkles on the face, delivering so much grief, will disappear if you compress daily from milk. Clean your face with cosmetic milk or just wash it very carefully. Wet gauze, folded in several layers, in hot milk and put it on your face. Remember that the compress can not be put on the eyes and lips. A bit of lying down, and then wash with cool water.

    Freeze a mixture of milk and chamomile broth in the refrigerator in the ice mold. Every morning, wipe your face and neck with a cube of ice. It perfectly refreshes and tones up the skin, while smoothing wrinkles.

    Sometimes, as a mask, put on the face curdled milk, it is suitable for any skin type;after 10 - 15 minutes, rinse the curdled milk with warm water.

    When the skin on the face and neck ages, it often becomes too dry, and therefore wrinkles appear. To avoid this help mask of cream( 1 tbsp.), Honey( 1 tbsp.) And one yolk. Stir well and apply a mask on face and neck. After 15 - 20 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water. The skin will become not so dry, fine wrinkles will be smoothed out.

    The age of the woman is most often given out by the neck. Caring for the face, do not forget about the neck, because it is on it most often formed the first wrinkles. Help you can hot wraps. On the neck, apply a thin layer of softened butter, cover the neck with cellophane and wrap it on top with a towel soaked in hot water. Change the towel several times. Then, wipe off the oil with a cotton swab and rinse the remainder with hot water.

    You can rejuvenate the face skin in just half an hour with a simple simple mask. Cook potatoes, mash it with a fork and dilute with hot milk. Apply a potato-milk mass with a thick layer on the face and neck, with the exception of the eyelids and lips. Within 15 minutes, lie still on the couch without a pillow. Remove the mask with a cotton swab dipped in hot milk, and then wash with warm water without soap. Your skin will become tender and pink, like a baby's.

    We hope, with the help of our advice, your skin will again be young and beautiful, and your well-being will improve.