• Sauna and sauna

    Visiting a sauna and a sauna is a great opportunity to take care of your body. However, these procedures are forbidden to people who have suffered a myocardial infarction, suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, hyperthyroidism, varicose veins, tumors. Pregnant women, as well as suffering from cardiovascular diseases and cataracts before visiting the sauna and sauna, should consult a doctor.

    For healthy people, a sauna and a sauna are quite acceptable, moreover - the necessary procedures. Only thoroughly steamed, you can completely clean the skin of contaminants and dead cells. In addition, regular visits to a sauna or a sauna contribute to the removal of toxins from the organisms, excess fluids.

    Both the sauna and the sauna are exceptionally beneficial for improving blood circulation and vascular training, while having a wonderful relaxing effect and improving the structure of the body. To get a real pleasure from a sauna or a sauna, keep at least three hours of free time in stock. Before the bath( sauna) and during it, do not drink alcoholic beverages - it can turn into a faint or a heat stroke.

    So that you can make the right choice in favor of this or that procedure, you need to know that the sauna and sauna have significant differences.


    In a traditional Russian bath, the temperature in the steam bath reaches 40-70 ° C.Humidity is high - 95-100%.Someone likes such conditions, some do not. Some visitors say that because of the high humidity combined with the high temperature, it is difficult for them to breathe;others say that, on the contrary, it is easier to breathe in a bath than in a sauna, because the air is not so dry.

    Unlike a sauna, where there is a jacuzzi and there is a swimming pool, in a traditional bath it is not. But the bath has many other advantages:

    hot water procedures perfectly clean the skin of dust and dirt, have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, metabolism. After deep steaming, the softened, dead cells become easily peeled off the skin surface, the skin becomes soft, smooth, supple;

    because the body sweats a little, it warms up well from the inside, thereby increasing metabolism and digestion processes;

    soaring in the bath, you can splash on the heated stones decoction of leaves of lime-colored, mint or even kvass, which creates the effect of aromatherapy;

    in the bath you can use a broom( for a sauna, a broom is not very suitable and is perceived much more painfully).Each plant that is part of the broom has its own, only its inherent effect: eucalyptus cleanses the oily skin;Birch softens and soothes dry skin, helps with pain in muscles and joints;oak has wound-healing properties. If you want to make a broom by yourself, then keep in mind: birch brooms are harvested in the middle of June, oak - in August-September;

    being in the bath, it is very useful to wipe off the infusions of herbs. To do this, a vessel filled with boiling water by a string or calendula should be placed near the stove and periodically rinsed with a decoction( the water should cool down).

    When visiting a Russian bath, step cleansing is especially effective: first you need to wash off those substances that are released together with sweat after taking an intermediate shower after each visit to the steam room, and after the last steaming thoroughly massage the whole body with a brush or a stiff washcloth with soap, removing the dead cells. Even better to apply for exfoliating keratinized skin particles mahrove mitt and soft body scrub. After the bath clean skin is well rinsed with ice water - it is perfectly refreshing, without causing a clear sensation of cold.

    Universal rules:

    , before entering the steam room, it is necessary to protect the hair, especially the wet hair. To do this, put on a special bath hat or baste the hair with a towel. Lips, skin under the eyes, back of the foot, grease with a fat cream or oil - these areas in the steam room suffer more quickly;

    to avoid overheating, it is recommended to stay in the steam room three times for 5 minutes with 20-minute breaks;Do not stay in the steam room for more than 10 minutes - this threatens to overheat the body and heat stroke;

    leaving the steam room, each time taking a shower to cleanse the skin of the products of the sebaceous and sweat glands, that is, prepare it for further steaming.

    Classic sauna

    In the sauna, air temperature reaches 70-90 ° С, air humidity - 10-15%.Compared to the bath in the sauna, a person sweats much more. In this case, sweat, plentifully protruding on the surface of the skin, evaporating, removes excess heat, protecting the body from overheating. In the sauna, sweat is abundantly removed from the sweat - in one procedure a person can lose up to 1 liter of liquid.

    You need to take a sauna as follows.

    First you need to wash yourself in the shower. Then, if desired, swim in the pool( in the future, swimming between saunas in the sauna is undesirable - water pressure can harm extended vessels).After the shower and the pool dry dry - dry skin begins to sweat faster. Then it is desirable to make a hot foot bath, since before the sauna the feet should be warmed up. The heat in the sauna is stronger in the upper zones, so trained visitors can first sit on the top shelf, and after the first sweating you can move lower, to the middle bench. Visitors to the sauna for the first time and begin, and remain on the middle shelf.

    In a sauna, it's best to lie, for this, put a towel on the bench and lie on top of it. If there is no place to lie, legs should be placed at the level of the seat.

    In total, in a steam room should be no more than 30-45 minutes - periods of 10-15 minutes, thus entering the steam room only three times. Between the visits you can 1-2 times pour cold water with or without essential oils( steam that rises from the body, stimulates the skin and respiratory tract), take a shower or just relax, leaving the steam room in the next room. However, the break between visiting the steam room should not exceed 20 minutes.

    In a sauna, you really want to drink, because the body through the sweat intensively loses water. It is best to quench your thirst in this case, suitable mineral water or tea with buckwheat honey. To increase sweating, you can drink tea with mint or lime blossom.

    The last 2 minutes of staying in the sauna should be done on the bottom shelf, sitting straight and lowering your legs down. This will help avoid dizziness when standing up.

    After the sauna, be sure to walk around the cool dressing room without clothes and take a deep breath, but do not let yourself freeze.

    Then pour cold water or stand under a cold shower. Then it is advisable to sit down and make a warm bath for the feet.

    As soon as the skin gets warm again, you must either pour cold water once again, or dip into the cold pool. Repeat this cooling procedure until the skin stops sweating.

    In the end, you need to wipe yourself and lie down in the dressing room.

    Errors to avoid:

    wear a swimsuit in the sauna - it prevents normal sweating and prevents your body from resting;

    sit on the bottom, coldest bench, in order to stay in the sauna longer;

    sit on the top shelf, dangling your legs down, and holding your head under the ceiling;

    to bathe after the sauna with warm water instead of cold;

    after the sauna plunge into the pool, without washing off sweat under the shower - it's unhygienic;

    turn a sauna into a steam bath with frequent long doses. If this happens, the load on the heart and blood vessels will increase. The high temperature of the sauna, together with high humidity, is harmful to health;

    comb hair in the sauna is harmful to the hair.