Achieving a good night's sleep after giving birth

  • Achieving a good night's sleep after giving birth

    After the birth and up to three months the picture of your child's sleep will change constantly. You will probably forget about those times when you could sleep. Now these days are over, at least for a while. During the first three months, the child's dream, and hence yours, will be almost unpredictable.

    According to studies, the appearance of a newborn deprives the mother of 400-700 hours of sleep in the first year. Until the fifth month, you will lose approximately two hours of sleep each night;this figure will gradually decrease to one hour per night, until the child is two years old.

    Take this philosophically, considering that lack of sleep is a part of parental responsibilities at this stage of the child's life. You will quickly learn to fall asleep at any time, which is a great way to gain strength. If you have a spouse, share the

    responsibilities with him, being with the child in turn. In any case, you will have a relatively good night's sleep. You quickly adapt to such a regime psychologically and physically if you realize that changing the pattern of a child's sleep is part of his natural development. At the age of two weeks the child will stay awake for an hour or two a day;in three months he will sleep 14-16 hours a day, but this time is distributed approximately equally between day and night, sleep more at night and less in the afternoon it will be later.

    In addition, studies have shown that the child sleeps a maximum of four consecutive hours.

    This means that most of the child's sleep and wakefulness will be distributed evenly between day and night. The fact that you want a child to sleep longer at night does not matter to him.

    You can, however, take some actions to ensure a longer night's sleep. The advice given will help create the most favorable atmosphere for a child to fall asleep.

    Create comfort The child likes to sleep when he is clean, dry, with a fresh diaper, when he is safely wrapped in a blanket and when the room is warm,

    but not hot( ideal temperature is 16-20 ° C).

    Provide a quiet environment

    The child will fall asleep worse if there is a loud noise in the house. Although you should not go around tiptoeing around the house, there should be relative calm and calm. A pleasant quiet atmosphere contributes to sleep.

    Adhere to the

    mode A child of several months old can already get used to the regime. Try to follow the same procedures every night before putting it in the crib. For example, feed him, bathe, shake, read a fairy tale or sing a lullaby. Try to relax and be calm This condition significantly increases the chances of achieving the goal. Since you stimulate the child to sleep, he reacts to the emotional state of the mother either positively or negatively.

    Take into account the feeding time

    The child will want to sleep after eating at night. So think about feeding it after bathing, changing the diaper and preparing for bed.

    Develop habits for the convenience of

    From an early age, children begin to associate certain

    objects and actions with sleep. Suspension pinwheel with figurines( "mobile"), a doll or a night lamp can become a signal that the child is going to sleep, and also provide him with comfort when he is alone.