Carving of vegetables and fruits: 35 photos of real masterpieces of this technique

  • Carving of vegetables and fruits: 35 photos of real masterpieces of this technique

    From this article you will learn what carving is, and how you can create real works of art from products. In fact, this artistic cutting of products, in addition to the already familiar fruits and vegetables, the list of products for cutting also includes cheese and chocolate. Also you can cut on a lot of other materials, not just food. But in this case we will consider products. Below are a few examples of carving from vegetables and fruits, photo-selection of ready-made models not only from "gifts of nature", but also from chocolate and cheese.

    In addition to products, the master of carving also needs the tools with which he creates his masterpieces. Here is an example of such a set.

    Master class for making cucumber lilies

    This master class for beginners will help you to make the first steps in mastering such kind of culinary arts as carving. For work, you need cucumbers, as well as a special oval knife and nazetka, as well as scissors and a usual sharp knife.

    Take a cucumber and cut from it a piece of 7 - 8 cm, cut off the tip. After that, make a special knife cut in the form of a leaf, but not cutting it to the end.

    Continue to make the rest of the leaves close together, turning the cucumber around.

    Now take a sharp knife and cut off all the excess in a circle with a thickness of 1 - 2 mm.

    With an oval knife, make the second row of petals so that they are staggered with the first petals. Then again cut in a circle 1 - 2 mm to prepare the site. Do this as many times as the workpiece allows.

    After all the petals are cut, you need a nook or a normal knife, gently pull out the middle.

    For the core, cut a suitable piece, make decorative notches on it and insert it inside.

    Also do not forget that lily petals need to be pruned with scissors to give their tips the desired shape.

    The core can also be attached with a toothpick and attach the entire flower to a leg that can be made of any suitable material.

    Lessons in carving will help you master this art and teach you how to create not only compositions from fruits and vegetables, but also whole pictures, for example, here are these:

    It will be very easy to surprise your guests, thanks to this art. After all, home carving is very different from professional carving, but it does not make it less effective. For example, you can decorate a festive table with such pieces of cucumber:

    Or create such swans from apples:

    And if there are seafood on your table, it will be nice to decorate it with apple crabs:

    Carving is useful for children's holidays, because it is not very goodfavorite dish in the form of funny figurines - great idea! Children will not even notice it, if it's a variety of pictures or animals from fruits and vegetables.

    For those who want to learn more about this art, below there is a video that will help in this succeed.

    And here's a great video lesson on how to cut vegetables and fruits:

    Famous mandarin men:

    Butterflies from carrots:

    Pepper flowers:

    But interesting ideas for children's holidays or just for every day:

    Very interesting things come out of- at the hands of craftsmen who use cheese instead of vegetables and fruits.

    And these masterpieces are created with the help of skill and chocolate:

    If reading this article inspired you for more professional training, then there are special courses. Their price varies from the number of days of training and the type of courses. Such lessons can cost from 10 000 r.and up to 30 000 rubles. With the help of these classes you can turn any lunch or dinner into a masterpiece, and children's holidays will be held with a bang! All that is required is to have patience and faith in yourself! Good luck!