• Iris( tangent)

    Family is tactical.

    Rhizomatic perennials with annual flower sprouts;leaves are obedient, collected in flat fan-like bundles;flowers large, characteristic shape: with three so-called internal lobes, that is, petals directed vertically upward, and three outer ones - lowered downwards;a fruit - a box. Some types of irises can be found in the wild;in gardens

    is most often cultivated iris hybrid garden. There are tens of thousands of varieties of iris.

    All cultivated irises are divided into several sections, including several species.

    Section - bearded irises( the most famous species):

    A "beard" is characteristic on the outer parts of the perianth, many flowers are fragrant. A significant part of the section is represented by specially developed garden forms and varieties of hybrid origin.

    Iris leafless * Up to 60 cm tall, the leaves are crescent-shaped;blooms repeatedly, on one peduncle up to 5 flowers, flowers bright-violet.

    Iris pale * Up to 80 cm high;leaves are gray, with a waxy coating;flowers are soft blue, fragrant;blooms in May;The worst is the transfer of waterlogging.

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    Iris hybrid( garden) * Appearance( habitus) of the plant is extremely diverse due to the large number of varieties. They are divided into 6 classes: I - miniature dwarf bearded irises( no more than 25 cm tall);eH - standard dwarf bearded irises( 25-37 cm tall);III - early-maturing middle-sized bearded irises( 37 - 70 cm high);IV - miniature tall bearded irises( 37 - 70 cm high);V - late blossoming border bearded irises( height, as in the previous class);VI - standard tall tall bearded irises( more than 70 cm tall).Inside grades grades are classified into color groups.

    Iris dwarf ♦ Height up to 15 cm;tsvetonos undeveloped, flowers single, different colors;blooms in early May( in the southern regions since April).

    Section beardless irises( limiries):

    "Barbs" no, flowers without a smell.

    Iris airoid( yellow, marsh) * Height up to one and a half meters;the flowers are yellow.

    Iris oriental ♦ Height up to 120 cm;leaves narrow, linear;flowers are light-dark purple( on upper and lower lobes) or blue.

    Iris Kemphersh( x-ray) ♦ Height up to 95 cm;leaves are oblong;two flowers per peduncle, purple-violet;blooms in July.

    Iris Siberian ♦ Height up to 120 cm;leaves are numerous, linear;the ancestor of many varietal hybrids. Section Xiridion:

    Includes mainly durable plants resistant to drought. Iris cereal ♦ Up to 20 cm tall, flowers large, purple, prefers dryness. Iris Monjeere ♦ Up to 1 m or more in height;flowers lemon yellow.

    Relatively unpretentious( except for certain varieties).Requirements for moisture: a drought-resistant plant, except iris airoid. Stagnation of water in most cases does not tolerate.

    Requirements for heat and light: frost-resistant( except for some varieties), light-loving plant.

    Requirements for soil: prefers clayey, well drained soils;fertilization is made in advance, on frozen soil;fresh manure does not like.

    Reproduction: by dividing the rhizomes( in August - September), with the old areas being thrown out, and the young are divided into segments with several sleeping buds, rooting the plants in containers with a light substrate;seeds - only with breeding.

    Features: in one place can grow up to 7 years. Usage: different.