In Russia, the first cell technology development center was opened

  • In Russia, the first cell technology development center was opened

    June 11, 2013 in Russia, the laboratory and production complex "TSMR ISKCH"( Genetics and Regenerative Medicine Center of the Human Stem Cell Institute) was inaugurated.

    The creation of such a complex is a strategic step for the entire industry. The main purpose of the laboratory and production complex is to produce biomedical cellular products, as well as preparations of foreign developers. Due to this, preclinical and clinical trials of cellular preparations, independent production of cellular preparations and their introduction for use in medicine with a therapeutic purpose will become accessible and effective.

    Laboratory and production complex "TSMR ISKCH" was designed in 2011, and in the same year its construction began. The complex was built in just 15 months. Construction financing was provided by HSCI at its own expense and partly by Sberbank of Russia. If we talk about the volume of investment, then its minimum amount was 10 million dollars.

    The project and construction of the complex were carried out according to GMP( Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. The complex itself consists of their laboratory and production premises, occupying a total area of ​​360 square meters. To store cellular preparations in conditions of deep cold - at a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius - the cryopreservation is equipped and automated.

    June 11, 2013 during the opening of the complex, the red ribbon was cut by Isaev Arthur - director of the HSCI and honorary guests: Alexey Komissarov - head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow and Margolit Gennadiy - executive director of the Market of Innovations and Investments of the Moscow Stock Exchange.

    As Arthur Isaev says, the new complex will become the so-called Prototyping Center, which will provide services for the development, production and introduction of new cellular products and technologies on a contract basis. The new complex possesses such a production capacity that will allow further development of products and services developed and registered earlier by HSCI in the field of regeneration and genetics.

    The official part of the opening ceremony was introduced to the guests with the component part of the laboratory and production complex.

    The guests visited the laboratory of molecular genetics, which is intended for diagnosing hereditary diseases( including using the DNA-chip Entogen) and providing all types of services for IVF clinics in Russia on preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

    Next, a cell culture laboratory was examined, where tissue engineering products will be developed and manufactured, and cell based technologies will be provided. SPRS / SPRG-therapy will be conducted to restore the skin, soft periodontal tissue, as well as the creation of transplants.

    A pharmaceutical unit has been created, where cell preparations will be developed, manufactured and controlled.

    Guests also saw a block of cord blood stem cells. There will be a blood store for newborns taken from the umbilical cord.

    The clinic provides Reprobank - a bank of reproductive tissues. Here, human reproductive cells will be collected, and genetic testing will be performed to identify hereditary diseases.

    In the new laboratory and production complex until 2017, it is planned to develop 10-20 new cellular products and services for regenerative and genetic medicine.

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