Oak wedding: how many years, when celebrate the anniversary of an oak wedding

  • Oak wedding: how many years, when celebrate the anniversary of an oak wedding

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    Marriage is an important event in the life of any person, and if the marriage is still managed to be kept for many years, this fact is worthy of being noted! The people have their names for the milestones of living together. Everyone is well aware of the silver, gold, diamond wedding, but few have heard of oak, and even more so rarely knows how many years of oak wedding.

    Different term ─ different weddings

    Strangely enough, but to celebrate a special anniversary of a married life can be a year after the official registration of the relationship. This wedding is called calico( gauze), followed by wedding paper( 2 years), leather( 3 years), linen( 4 years), wooden( 5 years), cast iron( 6 years), copper( 7 years), tin8 years), earthenware( 9 years), tin( 10 years).

    After the glass wedding( 15 years), the date of the wedding is celebrated as a festive one, every five years. On the 25th anniversary of marriage, a silver wedding takes place, and for the 50th anniversary it is a golden wedding.

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    A diamond wedding is celebrated if the couple lived together for 60 years, diamond wedding ─ 75 years.

    And, finally, the anniversary of the oak wedding ─ 80 years of married life. In another 10 years, a granite wedding is celebrated( 90 years of marriage).Those who were fortunate enough to live in a happy marriage of 100( !) Years can be congratulated with a red wedding.

    Strong tie

    Why is an oak wedding called oak? There is a belief that this is due to the fact that after 80 years of family life side by side with each other the couple are unlikely ever to quarrel and divorce, their relationship is strong and durable, like an oak tree.

    Note that if the first years of married life are jokingly denoted by tearing and breaking materials( paper, gauze, leather, glass, etc.), then after 15-20 years of marriage it is compared to metal, stone( iron, copper, silver,granite).As they say, not in the eyebrow, but in the eye: the longer people live together, the more they will percolate, their union will "stone".

    Oak, as is known, is not only one of the strongest, but also the most durable trees. Therefore, it is 80 years ─ the time when they celebrate an oak wedding.

    What should be a feast

    As an oak wedding is celebrated when the main culprits of the celebration are in a fairly old age, it hardly makes sense to arrange a noisy party with the disco. Here the option of a quiet family feast will be more suitable.

    By this time the family has grown considerably: grandchildren and great-grandchildren appeared, many friends who go along with the heroes of life. If all these people come together to express admiration for the lasting marriage of the perpetrators of the celebration, this will produce a stronger impression on the heroes than the richly laid table, expensive gifts and the status of the institution for the celebration.

    Which gift should I choose?

    Choosing a gift for an oak wedding, you should also remember that the jubilees are not old people. For them, the attention of loved ones is much more important than the fashion brands and the price of the gift.

    Let the younger generation give something to their grandparents or great-grandparents, made by themselves, and the middle generation( daughters, sisters, husbands, sons-in-law) can either take on the decoration of the festive table and cook, or donate some bulk materialgift( TV, washing machine, massager).

    A good gift would be, for example, a trip to a holiday home or a sanatorium. You can arrange a real flash mob on the anniversary of an oak wedding: plant a small oak tree in the family garden. And if the children and grandchildren draw a family tree or make a family album with old photographs, including jubilees in their youth, and then again appeared family members, this will be the best gift for an oak wedding.

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