Shopping on Ebey - recommendations for beginners to the right purchases at this auction

  • Shopping on Ebey - recommendations for beginners to the right purchases at this auction

    A large-scale auction eBay for twenty years since its inception was able to occupy a solid niche in virtual trading. Interest in foreign "quirks" soon woke up and the Russian buyer, thanks to which today this article appeared, designed to teach beginners the correct and safe shopping.

    Shopping on Ebey, by and large, is a simple process, exciting and exciting already from the moment of opening the first lot, but you must be aware of all the wisdoms in advance if you decide to do e-shopping yourself.

    Instruction for beginners

    1. Obligatory registration. Becoming an official user of the resource, the client can easily proceed to buy at the auction;

    2. Finding the right product. The lesson is quite simple, and often with a time reserve even pleasant. Navigation of the site allows you to quickly find the necessary lot and, in fact, go to the third point;

    3. Studying the seller. The necessary aspect of any operations on Ebey, Amazon and other non-traditional trading floors. Carefully read the description of the exhibited lot, view the photos and proceed to the seller's questionnaire. He on the site is endowed with a special rating, which is supplied with feedback from former buyers. It is predictable that a positive rating indicates a seller's reliability and honesty;

    4. Study of the system of payment and delivery. A separate and rather complicated question, which many Russian buyers are not connected with the most pleasant memories. The main points need to be considered before the purchase is made - it is a delivery service and customs nuances.

    At least it is worth remembering that there is a notion of duty-free limit for residents of Russia and Kazakhstan is 1000 euros, for residents of Ukraine 200 euros, Belarus - 120 euros.

    And the fact that courier services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc., are characterized by the high cost of international delivery and the fact that they often force their customers to fork out for customs clearance of goods, even though the state postal services, for exampleUSPS does not create such problems.

    Delivery of goods to Ukraine and Russia, as a rule, takes several weeks. Of course, if you pay for shipping, the seller can send an international carrier who will bring your purchase in 2-3 days. But be prepared for the fact that it will cost a decent amount. If you have chosen a product with free shipping "free shiping", then sooner than a couple of weeks, do not wait for your purchase;

    5. Sale of goods on Ebey is divided into two fundamentally different segments: "Buy it Now" - a term denoting a fixed price per lot, not falling, and auction bargaining. Participation in the latter is a whole art, which not everyone can do.

    From all of the above, you can make one nice, but unexpected moment - all the mentioned red tape purchases can be avoided with the help of the official representative of the auction - eBayToday, now called ShopoTam.

    Portal offers a colorful Russian-language catalog with all products - you just need to find the "Buy" button. The rest of the process is taken by employees of Shopots: ordering, payment and delivery.

    To auction at the auction, Ebay Sopotam also prepared a tempting surprise for his clients: a robot sniper that bids for you and increases your chances of success in bidding to ninety percent!

    The scheme of the secret spy is simple: it makes bets for two or three minutes before the end of the auction and only slightly exceeds the previous bid. You need to specify the limit of the forbidden to exceed the amount and top up the personal account on the website of the Shopots. ShopoTam: buy easily!

    Very often residents of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries are faced with the fact that the seller does not deliver the goods to their country. If you try to bet on such a lot, or pay for the goods, the system will not allow.eBay will issue a message, notifying the customer of an operation error. How to be in this case? You can make an order through intermediaries who will receive the goods from the seller, and will already be sent to you.

    6. Receipt of the goods. And then came the moment when the parcel came to you on the post, and you winged go to receive a long-awaited purchase. Many, especially beginners, forget that you should always open the parcel right in the post office.

    Why is this done? There are times when the seller will confuse the goods and send you not the one for which you paid. Or the purchase received differs from the one that was on the site. It's clear that you want a refund or exchange of goods you do not need. All this can be done if you open a dispute on eBay, as a result of which you will have to prove your case.

    Therefore, experienced buyers always take a photo and video camera with them to take pictures of the process of receiving and opening the parcel. These materials can become indisputable proof that the goods came not as you ordered, or with certain defects and damages.

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