Genital herpes: symptoms and treatment of genital herpes

  • Genital herpes: symptoms and treatment of genital herpes

    Genital herpes is a common disease that affects the genitals of both men and women.

    The disease can be caused by two types of viruses - the first and second, while the latter is detected much more often with the help of serological studies.

    The disease is classified into two main types, which determine the nature of ongoing treatment activities.

    These are the following:

    1. 1) Primary herpes that is characterized by the appearance of clinical symptoms for the first time
    2. 2) Recurrent herpes are recurring clinical episodes when there was already a history of herpes in the anamnesis.

    Causes of genital herpes

    The main way of infection with this infectious disease is sexual.

    It can be realized during any sexual contact( oral, genital, anal).The source of infection can be either a person with clinical signs of infection, or someone who does not have it, but is actively at the moment allocating the virus.

    In children, the ways of infection are more diverse. These include:

    • direct contact infection during passage through the generic
    • pathway of the virus through the placenta
    • during intercourse at the early onset of sexual life
    • contact and household, when the rules of childcare, especially intimate hygiene are violated.
    Earlier, scientists were inclined to believe that genital herpes is caused only by the second type of virus, but now it is refuted.

    Sexual herpes can be caused as the first, second type of herpes virus. They are representatives of the herpesvirus family. The differences between them are in the structure of the outer shell, since it is represented by various proteins.

    It should be noted that these viruses retain high stability in the external environment. Destructive for him is a temperature equal to 50 degrees Celsius. However, minus temperatures do not cause the death of virus particles - they remain viable. All this determines the high prevalence of genital herpes among the population.

    Sexual herpes: symptoms and signs

    Clinical symptoms of genital herpes in men and women have both certain similarities and differences.

    Common manifestations are:

    1. 1) Redness and swelling of
    2. 2) Itching and burning sensation
    3. 3) Increased regional lymph nodes
    4. 4) Vesicles( vesicles) that are filled with a transparent secret, the base of which is hypermated
    5. 5) In place of vesicles after openingsores that gradually become covered with scaly crusts
    6. 6) Purulent discharge appears when secondary bacterial flora
    7. is attached 7) After the separation of crusts, there remains a slight pigmentation which, I'm running out of steam.
    Male lesions are localized to:

    • penis
    • pubis
    • scrotum
    • perineum
    In females are affected:

    • labia( large and small)
    • clitoris
    • cervix
    • pubis
    • vagina
    • perineum.
    Diagnosis of genital herpes is based on the clinical picture and the results of additional research. The laboratory diagnosis is shown in the following cases:

    • atypical forms of the disease
    • specification of the nature of the disease
    • differential diagnosis with other diseases.
    There are mandatory and additional laboratory methods that allow you to confirm the diagnosis. Required are:

    • assay with polymerase chain reaction
    • Determination of antibodies to the herpes virus( serological test)
    • virological examination.
    Additional methods are:

    • study for other infections that can be sexually transmitted
    • blood test for HIV infection, parenteral hepatitis
    • general clinical blood and urine analysis
    • cytological examination of smears
    • immunological tests, etc.
    Materials for identification by pathogens can be:

    • contents of bubbles
    • smears
    • scrapes
    • urine
    • vaginal discharge and / or urethra
    • blood.

    Treatment of genital herpes

    The main direction of therapy is the administration of drugs that block the multiplication of viral particles.

    These drugs are acyclic nucleosides, which effectively suppress the replication of the virus and show high specificity. Their representatives are Acyclovir( first-generation drug), Valaciclovir and Famaciclovir.

    Treatment begins as soon as the diagnosis of genital herpes is established. As a rule, it is conducted on an outpatient basis, but there are certain indications when it should be conducted in a hospital. These indications are:

    • common form of herpes
    • complications from the brain and spinal cord( neurogerpes)
    • any intolerance of prescribed anti-herpetic drugs.
    Treatment targets such as:

    • relief of clinical symptoms
    • preventing the development of complications
    • reducing the number of possible relapses
    • reducing the likelihood of contracting a sexual partner.
    The sooner pharmacological therapy is started, the more effective it will be.

    This will manifest itself in the early relief of symptoms, which positively affects the quality of life of the patient. However, none of the modern antiviral drugs is capable of causing the death of viruses, that is, they are stored for life in the body. The drug only affects the activity of reproduction( replication) of viruses.

    Treatment of sexual partners is carried out if laboratory methods detect infection and at the same time have clinical manifestations of the disease.

    Prevention of genital herpes

    Prevention of genital herpes is based on two main principles:

    1. 1) Eliminate possible infection of
    2. 2) Increase immunity.
    Therefore, the main preventive recommendations are as follows:

    • preventing accidental sexual relations
    • sexual rest in the presence of rashes in the sexual partner
    • using condoms and Miramistine during casual sexual relations
    • adherence to intimate hygiene
    • balanced nutrition
    • active and healthy lifestyle
    • timelytreatment of concomitant infections, especially influenza
    • to reduce the number of alcohol drinks and smoked cigarettesarr.
    Now it is possible to conduct specific prophylaxis by vaccinating women with Herpewak vaccine. In men, it is not effective, so it does not apply.

    Complications of

    In general, the course of genital herpes is favorable. If treatment is started on time and the state of immunity is satisfactory, then the body copes with the clinical manifestations of this infection.

    However, sometimes( if the above conditions are not observed), certain complications may develop, including:

    • urethritis - inflammation of the urethra
    • prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate
    • anal fissures prone to recurrence
    • colpitis - inflammation of the vagina
    • necrosis of the rashes and underlying tissues with the development of persistent scars
    • cervical dysplasia.

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