• Bronchitis: treatment at home in adults

    Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease accompanied by a severe cough, fever, headache, weakness, and sometimes tachycardia.

    Bronchitis in adults has a number of complications, so adequate treatment is required, which often takes place at home.

    The cause of the disease may be hypothermia or infections that enter the respiratory tract. The ailment often develops against the background of influenza, acute respiratory infections, a common cold and even kidney diseases such as pyelonephritis or cystitis.

    Infection penetrates the respiratory tract and affects the alveolus and bronchial tissues. Therefore, the strategy of treating bronchitis in adults is aimed at combating infection, inflammation, sputum elimination. First of all, the dangerous factors that provoke the disease are eliminated. This is smoking, difficult and harmful working conditions.

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    Methods of treatment of bronchitis in adults

    The main therapy of bronchitis is based on the following methods:
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    • medicament;
    • physiotherapy;
    • folk remedies.
    To medical products include antibiotics, antimicrobials, mucolytics, analgesics. Physiotherapy includes UHF, quartz, ozocerite, paraffin, inhalation, massage.

    It is better to combine and alternate methods of treating bronchitis to enhance the therapeutic effect. If the patient experiences severe pain with cough, fever, chills, weakness, then the doctor can not do without the help.

    Improve the condition will help not only medicines, but also folk remedies.

    Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies at home

    Traditional medicine in the treatment of bronchitis at home helps to get rid of cough, unpleasant symptoms, and also strengthens the protective functions of the body. The houses are mainly used:

    • rubbers;
    • compresses;
    • inhalation;
    • herbal medicine.
    Immunity plays an important role in protecting against infection in the autumn and spring. There are specific immunomodulating drugs that enhance the protection against streptococci, staphylococci and viruses.

    Echinacea, eleutherococcus, ginseng, nettle broth, licorice root tincture are effective as herbal remedies.

    Special bacterial immunocorrectors are considered an effective means of fighting the disease. These include drugs Bronchovax and Bronchomunal.

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    Razirki with bronchitis

    As a means for rubbing apply camphor alcohol, essential oils, turpentine ointment. Reheating helps improve blood circulation in the respiratory system.

    If the adult has a high temperature, then it can be reduced with the help of vinegar, dissolved in water in a ratio of 1: 5.For diaphoretic action, the patient is recommended to drink tea with raspberries, broth of violets, clover, sage, lime-colored, elderberry. It is important during the illness to comply with the drinking regime, drink up to 1.5 liters of fluid.

    Hot milk with honey and soda, warmed cocoa butter, badger fat, warm tea with lemon, kalina, ashberry helps with coughing. To improve the expectoration, it is recommended to use onion juice or onion broth with sugar. To do this, the onion in the skin with the sugar is boiled for 30 minutes.

    Take half a glass of broth three times a day for 15 minutes before meals. The effectiveness of procedures is significantly increased if treatment methods are combined. During the day, the patient should be given a warm drink, cough syrups, inhalations, rubs or compresses( every other day), a light therapeutic massage with fir or eucalyptus oil.

    Compresses for bronchitis

    The simplest warming compress are mustard plasters. They are imposed on the chest area or back on either side of the spine for 15-20 minutes, depending on the pain effect and the patient's condition. After the compress, the patient must drink a warm broth on the basis of chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, burdock root, licorice, St. John's wort.

    Well helps to clear the pulp of aloe, as this biologically active plant has an antimicrobial and regenerating effect.

    If the area of ​​the back and thorax is lubricated with turpentine ointment, camphor or ethyl alcohol, the top is covered with a film and a warm cloth, then such a warming compress will significantly improve the patient's condition. You can keep the compress up to 3 hours. After this, give the patient warm milk with honey or tea with lemon.

    Boiled potatoes have a good effect in the skin. To do this, boil potatoes, lightly mash, water with alcohol or fir oil and put on the chest. Cover with a film and a warm scarf. This compress can be left overnight. In the morning the condition will improve significantly.

    There are many recipes for making compresses, and the most delicate and effective for children is a compress made from cabbage leaf and honey. A cabbage leaf is dropped into boiling water for 2-3 minutes, cooled slightly, smeared with honey and put on a sore spot. Cover with cotton, film and a downy shawl. The compress can be kept for 40-60 minutes, then rub the surface of the skin with baby cream.

    Adults and children for treatment of bronchitis at home are recommended to drink warm milk with the addition of soda or heated cocoa butter. Sweet syrup of the altaika or licorice root children take with pleasure.

    You can prepare lollipops yourself from cough. To do this, sugar without water is heated in a bowl until the appearance of a golden brown color. Burnt sugar has an antitussive effect.

    Compresses serve to improve blood circulation in the body, sweating and cough reduction. In addition to compresses, banks are used to treat bronchitis.

    This procedure should be done no more than 2-3 times, and there are certain contraindications( high temperature, acute phase of the disease, large amount of sputum).Banks put for 5-8 minutes, cover with a warm cloth or a towel. This is a very effective measure, requiring skill and skill.

    Inhalation with bronchitis

    The therapeutic effect of inhalations is high enough, especially in combination with other methods will cure bronchitis at home.

    The main component of inhalation is antimicrobial and vasodilating agents.

    Types of inhalations:

    • essential oils( eucalyptus, pine, fir, tea tree);
    • boiled potatoes with the addition of Vietnamese balm or tablet validol;Rubbed garlic;Grated onion.
    If you do not have an inhaler at your fingertips, you can carry out the procedure above a large container in which a therapeutic solution for inhalation is heated.

    It is necessary to breathe on a steam containing useful substances, periodically warming the container and adding a medicinal component. In obstructive form of the disease, it is recommended to use herbal preparations based on the violet tricolor, thyme, coltsfoot, anise fruit, and elecampane roots.

    Massage with bronchitis

    Facilitates the patient's medical treatment with fir oil. Massage the collar zone or back in the upper part.

    Do not recommend a massage at elevated temperature.

    Medical gymnastics

    The patient should not be in bed for long, otherwise complications( heart failure, pneumonia) can develop. It is necessary to do an easy medical gymnastics and breathing exercises.

    The complex of exercises includes imitation of "firewood cutting", circular rotation of hands, torso of the trunk. Breathing exercises include alternate deep breaths and slow exhalations.


    How else can bronchitis be treated at home? During the illness, a generous warm drink is recommended. They consume decoctions of medicinal herbs, dogrose, licorice root tinctures, burdock, tea with raspberry fruits, strawberries, and viburnum.

    Birch, carrot, apple - grape and pomegranate juice will help support the vitamin balance. Cowberry juice will help improve expectoration. To strengthen the immunity well helps the decoction of nettle, tincture of echinacea purpurea, eleuturokokk. However, remember that after eleutherococcus the pressure may increase.

    A good remedy is a radish. For the preparation of juice, cut out a hole in it and dab there honey. If there is no allergy to honey, take a teaspoon 2 times a day.

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