How to cook soft-boiled eggs: two simple ways, as well as tips on how easy it is to clean the eggs

  • How to cook soft-boiled eggs: two simple ways, as well as tips on how easy it is to clean the eggs

    How to cook soft-boiled eggs is not known to everyone. For those people who have little interest in cooking, but there was a need to prepare a dish with their own hands and at home, soft-boiled eggs will be an excellent option. Today we will tell you how to prepare them correctly. This requires only a little time and adhere to certain rules.

    Rules for cooking soft-boiled eggs

    - Never cook eggs unless you get them out of the refrigerator. Since very cold eggs can burst when they come in contact with hot water.

    - In order not to glance at all the time on the clock and not to guess how many more eggs to boil, it is necessary to use a timer.

    - It is undesirable to cook eggs for a very long time, if there is no timer. The protein will resemble rubber, and the yolk can blacken.

    - If the eggs are rather fresh and they are less than four days, then they need to be cooked for 3 minutes longer.

    - For cooking eggs it is recommended to use dishes with a small capacity, because the eggs can beat each other.

    - It is known that in eggs at the blunt end there is a small pillow. It collects air and can raise pressure during cooking. As a result, the shell will crack. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to pierce the place with a needle so that the steam leaves.

    It's clear, everyone loves eggs cooked to his taste. However, there is a simple method of how to boil soft-boiled eggs when preference does not matter.

    The first way to

    The easiest way is how to boil soft-boiled eggs. In a small saucepan with boiling water, gently lower the tablespoon of the egg. Then start the timer and cook them for 1 minute in boiling water.

    Remove the pan from the heat, cover and restart the timer. If it is necessary, that the yolk was soft, and the protein is slightly liquid - to detect 6 minutes. To the yolk was denser, and the protein is almost frozen - 7 minutes.

    The second way

    In this case, put eggs in a saucepan, pour cold water and bring to a boil over high heat. Then, when they boil, immediately lower the fire and measure the timer for 3 minutes to make the egg semi-liquid, 4 minutes - get the yolk liquid, and the protein will grab a little, 5 minutes - both yolk and protein are cooked, however in the very middle will remain liquid brightlyis a yellow spot.

    How to clean

    Clear the egg so that it remains beautiful, too, can not always turn out. And here there are secrets. Before cleaning, the shell is "rastreskat" on the entire surface, so it will be much easier to clean. Start cleaning with a large end and continue under a stream of cold water, so that the whole shell is washed off during the cleaning process.

    Remember that if you cook eggs that were packaged only 4-5 days ago, be prepared for the fact that they will not be cleaned properly.

    After cleaning, put the eggs under running water to avoid darkening of the yolk, then they must completely cool down.

    The eggs will also be fairly easy to clean if they are cooked in the shell for several minutes in cold water after cooking. Then the shell will move away from the protein much easier.

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