• Treatment and prevention of sand in the kidneys

    Sand in the kidneys is considered a consequence of metabolic disturbances in the body. Prophylaxis of sand in the kidneys is an important stage of treatment, because stones are formed from it that clog the urinary canals and damage the mucous membrane.

    The causes of sand formation

    Sand formation is most often a consequence of an abnormal metabolism in the human body, which is often hereditary. The sand can consist of salts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, uric acid or oxalic acid. Basically, sand has a mixed composition.

    This is important! To the etiological factors of the disease should be attributed to the lack of motor activity, the nature of human nutrition, the conditions of life, profession, infectious lesions of urinary canals, anatomical features of the structure of the urinary system, vascular pathology.

    Symptoms of sand formation in the kidneys

    With the formation of sand in the kidneys, the patients begin to show primary and secondary signs of lesion. The primary signs include the following:

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    1. Clouding and darkening of the shade of urine, the manifestation of an unpleasant odor.
    2. In the area of ​​the affected kidney in the upper abdomen, in the groin and in the navel area, discomfort, sharp or aching pain is felt. This condition is seen as a manifestation of the release of sand from the kidneys, which irritates the mucous surface with urine outflow through the urinary canals.
    3. Violation of the processes of urinary diversion. Patients are concerned about pain in the process of urination and frequent desires.

    Secondary symptoms include the following:

    • Nausea with vomiting.
    • Body temperature rise and puffiness formation.
    • Recovery of blood pressure indicators.
    • Severe weakness and profuse sweating.
    • Bloating.
    • Sleep disturbance. What is the basis for diagnosing

      ? The presence of sand in the kidneys may not manifest itself in any way, which provokes the onset of the disease and its diagnosis only at the stage of formation of stones. In this regard, it is important to clearly understand why the sand in the kidneys is formed. The first symptoms are rare and virtually all patients are absent. Subsequently, the patient begins to complain of severe pain, which bothers him for several hours and disappears for several days. Pain manifests itself in the process of movement of sand particles along the urinary tract.

      This is important! In an inpatient setting, the diagnosis consists of an X-ray examination of the kidneys, ultrasound of the kidneys and the bladder. Thus, it is possible to establish the development of the disease even at the initial stages.

      How the treatment and prevention of pathology

      is organized Before beginning treatment it is necessary to establish exactly the presence of sand in the kidneys. Otherwise, during treatment, the patient may not notice the development of a more serious illness. Preliminary it is required to pass all diagnostic methods prescribed by the attending physician.

      These include:

      1. ultrasound of the urinary system.
      2. Roentgen of the kidneys.

      These diagnostic measures help to establish the presence of sand and stones in the kidneys of a person.

      At the next stage of treatment, a diet is prescribed - this is the basis of therapy. It is recommended that you maintain proper nutrition, regardless of the stage of the disease. The composition of the diet will depend on the type of salt that prevails in the urine. Thus, with increasing urate concentration, it is necessary to completely abandon smoked and fried meat products. Also it is forbidden to eat beans, rich broths, coffee, chocolate and drink alcoholic beverages. If the concentration of oxalates in the urine increases, it is important to limit the consumption of dairy products, citrus fruits, salads, strawberries, chocolate and coffee.

      When increasing the concentration of calcium and phosphorus in urine, it is recommended to abandon cheese, cottage cheese, seafood and especially fish. It should also be markedly increased the volume of fluid intake per day for the purification of the body.

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