• Symptoms of prostate adenoma

    Youth, alas, is fleeting: the years that have passed live flying through the vortex, leaving not only life experience, but also illnesses to people as luggage. In addition, physiological and hormonal changes occur in the aging organism, which in themselves can become a source of problems. One of such problems, overtaking at a certain age of men - there are symptoms of prostate adenoma.

    It is believed that the first victims of this disease appear already by the age of forty, by the time they reach the age of sixty, they are already about half, and by the age of 80 the sufferers are about 90 percent.

    Symptoms of the disease

    What is prostate adenoma and why is it so massive, delivering serious troubles for men? Adenoma develops as a benign proliferation and thickening of the prostate gland tissue, compressing the prostatic part of the urethra, in this connection acts of urination change their rhythm and lose so pleasant and desired completeness.

    After forty men suddenly begin to notice that besides natural morning and afternoon trips to the toilet, they have to get up even at night - often several times. In itself, an interrupted sleep is very annoying, and even the character of urination starts to alarm: the urine stream thinens and weakens, it becomes necessary to push to get the whole portion out."With difficulty" - this is how the elderly men characterize their night trips to the toilet at a urologist's reception. There is nothing to be surprised at: all these are symptoms of prostate adenoma, old as the world of a male problem.
    Being a benign tumor, adenoma develops very slowly, forcing men to postpone their trip to the doctor for later, and the disease progresses steadily and leads to deplorable results. Its course has its gradation, which differs in the degree of symptomatology:

    • Compensated when only the first signs of trouble appear( there is a desire to empty out at night with the usual drinking regimen, but urinating while complete) - prostate adenoma of the 1st degree;
    • Partially compensated, in which the symptoms are more disturbing and pronounced( it is difficult to empty out, the urine does not go away completely, in order to squeeze out the entire portion, efforts must be made) - prostate adenoma of the second degree;
    • Decompensated when a person is already losing control of his urination( constant urine dripping, incontinence) - prostate adenoma of the third degree.

    When to go to the urologist

    • After stepping over forty years, every man should undergo a preventive examination of the doctor, and if necessary, be examined, even if nothing is alarming in the nature of urination;
    • When, under the usual drinking regime, without friendly evening gatherings "under the beer", the need suddenly starts to rise in the middle of the night, the urine stream changes the pressure, becoming weak and thin, - there is no doubt that the symptoms of prostate adenoma are present and can not be pulled with examination;

    Night trips to the toilet can have other causes: high blood pressure caused by various diseases, decreased excretory function of the kidneys and others. By the age of forty, such problems can be present in many men and that is why the beginning adenoma is often "viewed", taking night signals of the bladder for the action of antihypertensive drugs or something else.

    In addition, men who have found signs of prostate adenoma are often ashamed to consult a doctor, delaying the disease. It is necessary to understand: there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and timely treatment of adenoma will help cope with the disease.

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