Gift wrapping with own hands: master classes on working with cloth and paper

  • Gift wrapping with own hands: master classes on working with cloth and paper

    Everyone can learn how to beautifully design presents. Today we invite you to explore interesting ideas with step-by-step execution instructions, see photos and videos that will tell you how the original gift wrapping is done by yourself.


    Let's start with gift bags. Masters of needlework make them from paper, fabric, there are even examples of knitted packages. The material is better to choose the one with which you had to work.

    From paper

    Take a simple master class, which even beginners can master.


    • decorative paper;
    • glue "Moment crystal";
    • decoration;
    • punch;
    • scissors.

    P. S. There are many interesting articles on scrapbooking, where it is told in detail which is better to take the paper and use the devices. Therefore, for the result to be at the height, it is better to get acquainted with this information before starting work.


    Make a fold of the sheet along the length to a width of 3 cm. At this point there will be the bottom of the package.

    Minimize in width, first leaving the allowance for gluing 1 cm.

    Bend the left strip inside.

    Now we need to glue the allowance with the other half of the sheet.

    Specify the width of the packet.

    Make symmetrical folds of the lateral surface.

    Do the same on the other side.

    Design of the bottom. To bend corners from two parties.

    Then unfold them and begin to carefully fold the bottom. This is the most difficult part of the package.

    Although, even if in the distant past had to deal with origami, then make such a bottom is not difficult.

    Now you need to make two bands on opposite sides.

    Bend the edges to the center.

    Before you glue the bottom, you need to fold the package.

    It remains to connect the bottom details with glue.

    Expand the package.

    It remains to decorate it.

    It turned out beautiful packaging.

    Other ideas of

    Here are some more ideas for fans of Handmeid stuff.

    Out of fabric

    The size of the package is determined by the size of the gift. Therefore, the amount of tissue in the list of materials will not be indicated.

    So, to prepare:

    • a dense material, for example, a two-strand;
    • decoration items: ribbons, pictures, threads, shells, beads, etc.;
    • sewing accessories;
    • rope;
    • adhesive.

    Measure the desired amount of fabric. Provide allowances for the side and bottom seams somewhere 1 cm and a hem for the top edge 2-3 cm.

    To get the package with a rectangular bottom, it is necessary to bend and glue the corners from the wrong side. The folded places are marked in red on the photo.

    Make the hem of the upper edge, fix it with a seam or glue and unscrew the sachet. The next stage will be the manufacture of pens. If you use eyelets, the packaging looks more beautiful. You can use a thick needle with a rope inserted into it.

    Now you need to decorate the gift package: sew buttons, make appliques or even embroidery.

    I got a cool package.

    A few words about wrapping paper

    There are also a lot of options. Let's consider some of them.

    1. Gift wrapped in wrapping paper and fix it with a stapler.

    2. Find in its stocks the appropriate shape and size of the box and paste it with decorative paper. Which, by the way, can also be done at home.

    Then decorate, as fantasy tells, or you can use the ideas of decorating. They will be discussed below.

    3. Make the box yourself from ordinary cardboard and decorate with wrapping paper.

    In any case, you get an unusual package.

    Video for working with wrapping paper see below:

    Decoration of packing

    Here are some examples:

    1. From colored paper.

    2. From paper flowers.

    3. Decoration with ribbons, braid, buttons, beads.

    4. Braided laces.

    5. Decoration with feathers.

    It is worth learning to pack gifts yourself, if only because such a skill is always useful.