Vitamins for hair and nails: how to choose( tips and videos)

  • Vitamins for hair and nails: how to choose( tips and videos)

    The presence of enough vitamins in the body ensures a good condition and healthy appearance of hair, nails and skin. Unfortunately, these elements are not synthesized in the body, with the possible exception of vitamin D. That is why it is so important to constantly replenish their supply with food, eating properly and rationally.

    The main part is quite possible to get from everyday food, and only in case of serious problems can you use additional funds, such as vitamins for hair and nails, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

    How to take pharmacy vitamin complexes?

    There are several rules for selecting and taking synthetic vitamins:
    1) A good doctor by the type of nails and hair can quite determine what vitamins are missing in the body.

    Therefore, before buying drugs, it is best to visit a specialist. He will put an accurate diagnosis of exactly which elements you are missing, and also prescribe their dosage.

    2) Unscientific administration of drugs is fraught with hypervitaminosis, which will not bring anything good. Therefore, it is not recommended to prescribe the reception of the elements yourself without first assessing the state of the organism.

    3) It should be remembered that not only vitamins are an important substance for the body, in most cases they play the role of catalysts for processes that are also provided by micro- and macroelements, amino acids and minerals.

    Therefore, when choosing vitamins for hair and nails, pay attention to the composition, a good complex should contain additional useful components.

    4) Choose those vitamin complexes, which contain natural components, such drugs are more effective. For example, vitamins for hair "Solgar" contain a powder of red algae, which is an ideal source of nutrients.

    5) Not all vitamins are compatible with each other in one complex, therefore they should be taken separately.

    6) External application of vitamins is less dangerous, however, also requires caution, since there is a risk of allergic reactions.

    7) When choosing a preparation, pay attention to the presence, and, more precisely, the absence in its composition of dyes and flavor additives.

    The responsible manufacturer will not use such dummies in the medicine, because any vitamins obtained not through food, can reasonably be considered a medicine.

    8) The last aspect, which is worth paying attention to, is the amount of nutrients contained in the capsule or tablet.

    The dose of vitamins, micro- and macronutrients should not be less than one-third of the daily norm necessary for the average person.

    Which are better?

    Almost all vitamins for hair are useful and necessary, including for nails, many manufacturers and position their products. These include, for example, such complexes as "Solgar" and "Perfectil", which include not only the vitamins themselves, but also other useful substances, as well as natural extracts. Both compounds perfectly help in restoring the structure of both hair and nails, and also prevent possible problems.

    These drugs are used as a biologically active food additive and are available in the form of tablets. Like any drug, the complexes have their own contraindications, so their use is best done after consulting a doctor.

    On the video below you can see the recommendations for use, as well as the results obtained after using them.