How to make a photo collage with your own hands: photo and video instruction

  • How to make a photo collage with your own hands: photo and video instruction

    An original and unusual gift can be a collage of memorable photos, made by yourself. Such a gift is not expensive in terms of finances, but it will be remembered for a long time, because it will consist of photos that are associated with warm memories.

    Translated from French, this word means sticking, ie creating a collage is a technical technique of sticking a certain material, pictures, photos of the same theme on a solid sheet of paper in a pre-designed configuration.

    This article will describe how to make a photo collage with your own hands for wedding and family topics. Guided by the presented principles, you can create a selection for any other topic. In addition, this lesson does not require special artistic skills. See the photo below:

    Detailed instructions

    Below is a step-by-step instruction that will explain the essence of each stage of the work.

    1. At the first stage, you need to decide on the topic, then, depending on the chosen topic, be it a wedding, birthday or any other celebration, you should pick up photos.
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    3. To select memorable photos of desirable good quality, it can be as black and white, and color pictures. Photos can also be given a certain style using various computer programs.
    4. Next, you need to decide on the basis of the collage, because the photos can be glued on a thick sheet of Whatman, you can on a design made of matchboxes.
    5. After the preparatory work is completed, it is necessary to arrange the photo on the basis to find the best combination of images and make the notation.
    6. Then you can start sticking photos, this can be done either with a double-sided tape, or with glue.

    In order to create a photo collage on paper basis, you will need a sheet of paper, photographs, scissors and glue.

    First of all, you need to place a sheet of whatman on a flat surface, then place photos on it to determine how many photos fit on the sheet and in which order they are best placed. Then on each photo from the back side, apply a little glue and paste the pictures to the designated places. You can also make a frame for the collage. Ready-made options are presented in the photo.

    Of matchboxes

    In order to create a photo collage based on matchboxes, you will need matchboxes, scissors, glue, paints, photographs and decor elements.

    The first thing to do is to empty boxes from matches and paste them on a sheet of paper in rows. According to the idea, each matchbox can be pasted with decorative paper or painted with paint. Then the photos should be cropped to match the size of the matchbox. Then the pictures should be placed in the cells. At the final stage, the structure can be decorated with colors or ribbons.

    With the help of computer programs

    In this article we will offer a selection of videos that will show how to process photos and how to create photo collages using various computer programs. Thanks to the use of appropriate programs, you can work with the color saturation in the image, brightness, contrast, and you can also apply elements of a certain style in which the product will be made.