How to make a mermaid tail at home for children or dolls

  • How to make a mermaid tail at home for children or dolls

    If you need to create a carnival mermaid costume or your child wanted to dress up his favorite doll in such a suit, then it is worth to get acquainted with the information posted in this article. Since it is in it you will find information and find out how you can perform a mermaid costume, and most importantly - figure out how to make a mermaid's tail at home. Namely, the process of making a fish tail for a doll's costume will be described, it will be described how to make the tail of a mermaid for a carnival costume or for swimming.

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    For Barbie

    In order to sew a mermaid costume for a Barbie doll, you need a cut of a small cloth, a needle and a thread in the color of the fabric, elastic, velcro and decor elements.

    The first thing to do is measure the hip circumference and the length of the doll's leg and cut out the piece from the piece of cloth, according to the standards, but remember to leave some fabric for future seams and a waist in the waist area. All seams need to be processed from the wrong side. In the waist area, the fabric should be sewn and inserted into the elastic band. Then two identical parts should be cut out: the front and back in the form of a fin, then two blanks must be sewn together. After that, the workpiece of the main part of the tail and the workpiece of the fin must be connected. The finished product can be decorated with beads, beads or sequins.

    For the carnival costume

    In order to make the tail of the mermaid for a carnival costume, the fabric will be elastic, preferably in turquoise, greenish shades, threads that match the tone of the fabric, elastic band, scissors, flexible plastic, sheet of paper and pencil.

    First of all, you need to make patterns from paper. To do this, you should first take measurements of hip circumference and length of legs, then, according to standards, you must draw the contours of the detail of the main part of the tail. Then, the pattern must be cut out, then two identical parts should be cut from the fabric, taking into account the allowances for the processing of the joints. Next, on the underside, the parts need to be sewn around the edges. In order for the part to fit tightly around the figure, it is possible to sew the rings of gum along the entire length at regular intervals.

    In order to make the tail itself, the tail contours should be marked on the plastic sheet, then cut it with a knife. To ensure that the edges of the plastic do not cut through the fabric, the edges of the part are best wrapped with adhesive tape. Then it is necessary to glue the Czechs to the top of the tail, so that the child can move. Then from a fabric it is necessary to cut out two identical details: forward and back, similar to that which has turned out from plastic. First you need to sew the fabric parts from the wrong side, then connect them and unscrew them. Next, the plastic part of the tail should be inserted into the tissue part and processed all the seams. In order to keep the costume, you can either sew a rubber band around the waist, or sew a zipper. Also, a ready-made costume can be decorated with lace, beads or zadekorirovat tail with the help of tinsel and sequins to get scales.

    In such a suit you can swim, as the fabric is easily erased, and the plastic tail is strong enough.

    All stages of work are shown in the photo.