Effective treatment of folk remedies of polycystic kidney

  • Effective treatment of folk remedies of polycystic kidney

    Polycystic kidney disease is a disease characterized by the formation of a large number of cysts in the kidneys. Disease is a genetic congenital disorder, that is, it develops simultaneously with the baby in the womb of the mother. Effective treatment of folk remedies of polycystic kidneys in order to prevent surgical intervention is often prescribed by a doctor.

    Pathogenesis and symptoms of kidney damage

    When the body becomes infected with a disease in the kidneys, cysts filled with watery fluid begin to form.

    Liquid is considered a product of the secretion of the kidney parenchyma. Such cysts can be of small size or grow to large tumors, which contain up to half a liter of liquid. Initially, polycystic can not claim itself and is diagnosed only during the examination or during surgery to eliminate another pathology.

    But afterwards the symptomatology still begins to manifest itself - it is nausea in the morning, pain in the back and in the side, developing as a result of an increase in the size of the organ, a feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the kidney, periodic dull head pains.

    The clinical picture is characterized by the following manifestations: frequent urination, the appearance of blood in the urine, an increase in blood pressure. Kidneys are an organ that helps to remove slags from the body, and if the healthy parenchyma of the kidneys is damaged, their physiological work is disturbed, which causes symptoms.

    Treatment organization and tips to increase its effectiveness

    Patients who are constantly looking for an answer to the question of how to cure polycystic kidney disease with the least health consequences, the doctor often suggests conducting an operative intervention. But surgery can be avoided, as well as folk recipes of therapy help to achieve good results.

    Initially, it is necessary to help the body relieve their work, which is associated with the removal of excess fluid from the body along with the slag. In case of overload, in addition to raising pressure, edema is formed - as a result of excretion of accumulated excess fluid. In this situation, it is recommended to observe a special diet - limiting consumption of liquid, salt, protein foods, spices and seasonings, fried foods, mustard, vinegar and garlic.

    This is important! With the development of polycystic kidneys, it is allowed to consume no more than 1 gram of protein of vegetable or animal origin per kilogram of human body weight. If the concentration of creatinine is more than normal, the total amount of protein per day should not be more than 50 grams.

    It is very useful to eat dishes based on lentils, barley, beans and peas. Of these ingredients, you can prepare a large number of delicious dishes, for example, a salad with beans with the addition of potatoes, beets, cauliflower, greens, dressed with olive oil.

    Folk recipes for polycystic kidneys

    Fortunately, traditional medicine recipes very often help to stop the active development of pathology, and also significantly ease its manifestations. When the development of polycystic kidney disease, people's treatment is simply irreplaceable.

    One of the effective recipes is tincture of echinacea. It has a beneficial effect on human immunity, activating its work, and it needs to be used three times a day for ten drops. But such treatment is not suitable for people prone to allergic reactions, for pregnant women or for people with autoimmune pathologies.

    This is important! Kidneys can be treated with tincture of their echinacea with walnuts. It also improves the work of immunity, clears blood from toxins, eliminates inflammation in the kidneys. The mixture should be infused for one month, and then it should be consumed one teaspoon per day.

    No less effective treatment with polycystic kidney herbs. One of the methods is the treatment with burdock. It is very easy to implement. It is necessary to collect fresh young burdock leaves, rinse them thoroughly and grind them with a meat grinder to obtain juice.

    The gruel obtained after the meat grinder is carefully wrung out. The juice is poured into the container and is taken to the refrigerator, and after a while it can be used for the intended purpose. It is important to correctly organize a course of treatment with this remedy, which should last for one month. On the first and second day, you need to drink one teaspoon of juice twice a day, on the third and fourth day - one teaspoon three times a day, on the remaining days - one tablespoon three times a day. If it is necessary to repeat the course of treatment, it is important to take a break for a month.

    Well helps with polycystic kidney mullein treatment. The benefit of using it is to promote resorption of the cysts. From mullein made tincture. Take a liter pot and half filled with flowers of the plant, and half - flowers of calendula. Then the flowers are poured with vodka and insisted for two weeks. Subsequently, you need to strain the tincture and begin its application. Drink a remedy for one teaspoon in the first five days thirty minutes before meals three times a day. From the sixth day of treatment according to the recipe described, a teaspoon is replaced with a tablespoon.

    Prevention of the development of pathology

    This disease is most often inherited, there is no way to prevent its development, but it is possible to significantly slow the formation of cysts in the kidney due to proper nutrition. It is important to consume a lot of fiber and low-fat dairy products, that is, adhere to the rules of healthy eating. But you should stop excess fluid intake, because you should not overload the kidneys. This will have a negative effect on their work and can significantly aggravate the course of the disease.

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