Diet 6 petals: the menu and recipes of the 6-petal diet

  • Diet 6 petals: the menu and recipes of the 6-petal diet

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    There are situations when there is no time to lose weight, and the desire to have a slim figure does not recede. The ideal solution in this situation is the diet of 6 petals, the menu of which we are offering today.

    The author of it is the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson, who took into account the modern pace of women's lives and their needs and developed a diet, following which you can get rid of unwanted pounds in the shortest time and do no harm to the body.

    Principles of the diet

    6 petal diet lasts six days, during which only one type of product is expected to be consumed. Diet diet is not only easy to follow, but also interesting.

    For the visualization of days, it is suggested to cut out a flower with six petals, for example chamomile, from paper, and on each write the name of the day and its food. Did the day succeed? Tear off the petal and so on until they run out. So it is morally easier to lose weight and it is clearly visible, that all works are not vain.

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    And here are some useful tips on how to motivate yourself:

    Weight loss is supposed to be up to 4 kilograms in six days due to protein-carbohydrate alternation and a healthy diet. In the first days the result is much more significant, since the body is cleansed, gets rid of toxins and swelling. In recent days, fat deposits are leaving directly.

    The diet menu of 6 petals is detailed and does not involve violations, but at the same time it is quite gentle and tasty.

    You can repeat this food, three months later, so as not to harm the body.

    Exemplary menu

    A sample diet menu of 6 petals may look like this:

    • 1st day. Fish.

    The first protein day, aimed at removing excess water from the body.

    Choose one type of low-fat sea or river fish. Bake without oil and salt, or tulle on water, cook. You can use the multivariate, so our food will not only be useful, but also without a doubt delicious!

    Spices will not be superfluous to the dish. They stimulate digestion and accelerate the digestion of food.

    • Day 2.Vegetable.

    We are not limited to one species. It is best to prepare a salad by adding cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Allowed greenery, a small amount of corn or peas.

    Vegetables are rich in fiber, are saturated with vitamins, which our body lacks as well as low-calorie.

    • Day 3.Chicken

    After a carbohydrate day will give satiety protein day on the chicken. An approximate menu of this day implies the use of a boiled breast or other part of a bird, after removing the skin. Such a mono-day will support your muscles in tonus.

    • 4th day. Cereal.

    One day - one cereal.200 grams of cereals boil or steamed overnight, and eat all day. It can be the most useful groats - buckwheat or oatmeal, millet, rice, etc. In the form of restrictions there. The main rule: compliance with water balance and salt restriction.

    • 5th day. Cottage cheese.

    One of the best products for a diet and a daily diet is cottage cheese. The recipes of the menu of this day suggest a dairy product by fat content of not more than 9% to 500 grams per day. You can sweeten with cinnamon, stevia or other natural sugar substitute.

    • Day 6.Fruit.

    The final day of the diet, aimed at replenishing the lost trace elements and restoring health.

    Also, as in the vegetable, any fruit is allowed, whether it's a banana, a persimmon or even a papaya. An excellent option - bake apples in the oven. Brighten up the day with fruit chips: finely chopped fruits should be dried at a temperature of 120 degrees.

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