For what reasons and what is harmful for the kidneys: the main negative factors

  • For what reasons and what is harmful for the kidneys: the main negative factors

    Human kidneys repeatedly pump through the whole human blood - about 1 liter per minute, filtering it from the products of decay, toxins, toxins, microbes. Such a solution, along with blood plasma, is sent further along the ureters, to the bladder and then removed from there.

    When exposed to the ureters, toxins, infection and decomposition products can not penetrate back into the kidneys - the path is blocked by a valve that opens only one way. To maintain normal kidney function, you need to know what is harmful to the kidneys.

    To counteract microbes, eliminate toxins and infections, the kidneys must be very strong and strong, so there are two kidneys in the human body, and when one goes out of order, the other is ready to take on all the load.

    Kidney damage

    Kidneys do not tolerate neglect of their own health. A person often does not pay attention to not completely cured pathologies, drafts, caries, and suffers a slight cold on his legs. It is the kidneys at such a moment resist the infection and filter the products of the disintegration of pathogenic bacteria.

    It is not at all surprising that at times the kidneys are not able to cope with all the load, so for dental caries or a mild cold can be followed by pain in the lower back, a feeling of stagnation in the morning after sleep, a slight rise in temperature at the end of the working day. After a while everything normalizes after a person has rested well and slept well, but despite this, the kidneys work was already broken.

    The bacilli that have settled in the kidneys will wait for the right time to begin the attack, after which the kidneys will again begin to function poorly. Such bacilli reproduce themselves, and also help to get into the kidneys to other infections from the excretory pathways, which significantly interferes with the operation of the ureter valves, which cease to overlap sufficiently tightly.

    This is important!

    Sometimes renal pathologies have a very inconspicuous beginning, so treatment begins only after their transition to a chronic stage. Various organ lesions occur, both in adults and in children, but most often they suffer from female representatives due to the structure of the body - the pathways through which the infection penetrates the kidneys are broader and shorter.

    Negative factors

    The most negative factor affecting the health of the kidneys is considered to be the wrong food organization. For example, the kidneys do not tolerate excess proteins in the body and the abuse of alcohol, salt, sugar, stale food.

    Meat has a negative impact on kidney function. Especially with its abundant consumption. Protein, unlike fats, does not accumulate in the human body, in this connection, the products of its decay are excreted through the kidneys, which increases the load on the organ. If the kidneys are not able to perform the work assigned to them, then urate stones are formed.

    The kidney in the body is placed in a special fat capsule, where it is warm, safe and comfortable, fat layers protect the body from shock and maintains its correct position, so people are not recommended to lose weight very sharply. Diets that burn fat, in fact, denude the kidneys and take away their protection, so they are under attack - they filter blood with a disturbed balance in it and remove the breakdown products of proteins, and also function in unfavorable conditions, that is, with a thin fat capsule.

    Kidneys do not tolerate the use of alcoholic beverages - this applies to low-alcohol beverages, for example, to beer or various cocktails. The human body must first decompose the alcohol into its constituent components, and then withdraw it with the help of the kidneys. This process contributes to dehydration of the body.

    Abuse of too salty or sweet food contributes to the violation of water-salt balance in the body. At the same time, a complete rejection of salt intake can provoke kidney failure. A person should consume salt within reasonable limits, the same applies to sweet.

    At consumption of a normal volume of a liquid in day at the person there are four - six desires to an emiction for a day. You should not endure until the last, because with overflow of the bladder, the fluid can begin to be re-injected into the kidneys along the ureters, which is unnatural and very harmful for the organs of the urinary system.

    This is important!

    Not completely cured pathologies, the effect on the body of cold, fatigue can imperceptibly become the causes of the development of chronic kidney pathology. With severe heat and profuse sweating, the kidneys are also difficult to work with, especially when the body lacks moisture - a disturbance of the water-salt balance occurs, and thick blood is filtered by the kidneys very hard and badly washing the organs.

    Frequent fatigue, severe physical exertion and moral upheaval significantly weaken the ability of the body to resist penetration of the infection and disrupt the work of immunity. In this regard, the infection, after penetration into the body, even through the breathing system, does not meet obstacles on its way and calmly reaches the kidneys.

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