No sperm( no ejaculation) - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.

  • No sperm( no ejaculation) - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.

    Otherwise, this symptom can be called anejaculation or the absence of ejaculation - a form of sexual disorder characterized by a delay in ejaculation, when the latter does not occur for a long time and the patient and partner finish sexual intercourse.

    Causes that there is no sperm

    The reason for this may be the following situations:

    • various disorders in the vas deferens that can result from damage to the nervous system( trauma or spinal cord and spinal cord surgery), endocrine disorders( diabetes, obesity, hypogonadism),
    • inflammatory diseases( any organs of the reproductive system),
    • neoplasms( when the duct is compressed by a tumor), anomalies in the development of these ducts( for example, in general, their absence);
    • also the absence of sperm can occur because of the weak intensity of sexual stimulation, so low levels of excitement( due to fatigue, psychological problems, unfavorable conditions);
    • is still a problem caused by alcohol abuse, medications( antidepressants, diuretics);
    • still has a situation where the sperm is not ejected outside, but into the bladder( congenital and acquired malformations of the bladder and urethra, spinal cord injuries, drugs).

    In addition to this sign, it can be accompanied by violations of orgasm and erection.

    Treatment if there is no sperm

    Depending on the reasons, to identify and treat diseases that led to the lack of sperm, should urologists, psychotherapists.

    It is necessary to consult a doctor for this problem, not only because you can miss serious pathology and there is no possibility of conception of offspring, but this symptom can have a bad effect on intrafamily relationships( a woman perceives this as insufficient attractiveness on her part, which can not cause a strongexcitation).

    For diagnostics it is necessary to tell the doctor completely about the appearance of this symptom, do not hide anything, you also need to provide a complete list of medications that are used, you will also need laboratory and instrumental methods( blood and urine tests, ultrasound, MRI, psychotherapeutic examination and others).