• Diet with inflammation of the kidneys: highlights

    Inflammation of the renal tissue is called pyelonephritis. Inflammation of the kidneys can occur at any age, with subcooling of the kidneys. The causes of inflammation can also be previously transmitted diseases, such as: scarlet fever, flu, sore throat, cold. Dental problems, chronic tonsillitis, gingival inflammations - can "help" the development of inflammation.

    Often inflammations are manifested:

    • Men of advanced age who have prostate adenoma;
    • Children under 7 years of age, inflammation manifests itself for reasons of anatomical features of the body;
    • Women and girls aged 18 to 30 years, inflammation associated with the onset of sexual activity, pregnancy, labor.

    Also to the causes of inflammation can be attributed attacks of renal colic and urolithiasis. The course of all these processes passes with a clear violation of the outflow of urine from the kidney, which is what allows the microorganisms to multiply rapidly there.

    Inflammation, like many other diseases, can develop against the backdrop of chronic inflammatory processes, reduced immunity and diabetes.

    The course of this inflammatory process can take place with both edema and without. If you do not have swelling, then the diet is not very different from the usual diet. In the presence of edema, the diet is significantly different from usual.

    Diet for inflammation of the kidneys

    The main thing when dieting is its duration, it should last at least a year. Prohibited foods during a diet with inflammation of the kidneys are:

    • Rye bread - it contains a huge amount of salt that delays water in the body;
    • Salted fish( herring, sprat);
    • Sweet( cakes, cakes, cocoa, chocolate and chocolate sweets);
    • Marinated food, pickled mushrooms and cucumbers;Meat and fish soups, fried sauces;
    • Canned, smoked;
    • Salted meat;
    • Spices( vinegar, horseradish, mustard, parsley, pepper, fried and raw onions);
    • Cheese is not recommended because of its high salt content.

    Only those products that do not contain a large amount of salt are recommended for use. The allowed amount per day is not more than one gram.

    It is allowed to use such products:

    1. Different types of cereals;
    2. Eggs in any form;
    3. Butter, cottage cheese, milk, margarine, kefir, sour cream;
    4. Zephyr, jam, compotes, marmalade, soybean bars, sweet buns, caramel, pancakes, honey, marzipan;
    5. Soups are better to cook without meat, the flavor should be given to it by adding oil;
    6. Fish and meat should be eaten with boiled.
    7. Sugar should be consumed in moderation.

    Useful for the removal of inflammation of the kidneys are:

    • Proper intake of liquid - per day you need to consume up to 3 liters of water to an adult, 1 liter to a preschooler and 1.5 liters of water to school-age children. Recommended: plum, apple and grape juice;cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks;unnatural coffee;mineral still water;fruit and vegetable juices;milk. Tea made from black currant, rose hips, chokeberry or common mountain ash provides the body with vitamins P and C. Use before meals for half a cup, 3 times a day. It is forbidden to drink sweet drinks, tangerine and orange juices, natural coffee.
    • Pumpkin, melon and watermelon are good diuretics.
    • It is better to give fruits or berries raw or to prepare juices from them.
    • Rutabaga, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage and cauliflower, carrots, beets.
    • Mandarins and oranges are contraindicated since they can cause an allergic reaction.

    Compliance with

    In the inflammatory process, it is necessary to observe the regimen. It is necessary to avoid contact with infectious patients, hypothermia, physical exertion and colds.

    It is necessary to comply with bed rest, the correct schedule of the day, during the day you need to spend several hours on daytime sleep. Rest at least 8 hours a day.

    If you have a sick child, then you should not abuse the baths. Girls should wash every day with warm water and soap. In the house, the child should be dressed not too easily, but not warmly.

    A small period of time in the daytime you need to spend in the fresh air, you need to dress for the weather. It is necessary to avoid hypothermia, it is forbidden to sit on cold and metallic objects.

    This is important! The duration of compliance with the regimen depends on the course of the disease. On recovery, however, one should adhere to the regime for several months, in order to avoid a new inflammation.

    Instruction for compliance with the

    • regimen. You can use herbal decoctions as anti-inflammatory agents. The most simple and common is the chamomile. You need to brew a couple of tablespoons of flowers 1 cup of boiling water and wrapped in a towel, use every hour in a warm form. You can also take kidney tea and consume it with chamomile, this collection contains herbs that have antiseptic and diuretic properties.
    • In the inflammatory process of the kidneys, it is necessary to observe bed rest. In the lumbar region, if painful sensations appear in it, you must warm it with a heating pad or apply salt heated in the pouch. You can also wrap the waist area with a woolen shawl. For treatment, use diuretics that increase the filtration capacity of the kidneys and promote the recovery of their excretory function, and antibacterial agents. During the entire period of treatment, one should not forget about observing a diet with inflammation of the kidneys.
    • In addition to herbal treatments effective in treating inflammation of the kidneys are: pumpkin juice( take once a day for ½ cup);Morse from cranberries and cranberries;birch sap( on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink a glass 3 times a day);compotes of dried fruits;potato juice( use half a cup in the morning).
    • Very important is nutrition with inflammation of the kidneys. Should be included in the diet: grapes, cranberries, watermelons, apples, gooseberries, cranberries, sea buckthorn. Avoid eating fried, fatty, pickled and canned food, all kinds of alcohol.

    This is important! To avoid re-inflammation, you need to remember the cause of the disease, which can be caries, chronic tonsillitis or infections of the genitourinary system.

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