Cake pillow: master class for making a sweet miracle for children

  • Cake pillow: master class for making a sweet miracle for children

    Cake is the best decoration of the holiday. However, when your birthday is not yet ten, I want to give the cake an unusual airiness and softness. Unusual ease of taste will provide a biscuit component of the cake, but what about the appearance? Making a cake - a bird or a cloud is very troublesome and difficult, it will take a lot of special culinary devices, and time does not always allow. So how do you make a cake so that you do not lose a lot of time on the adornment, and the appearance does not suffer from it? For example, you can give your culinary masterpiece the look of a pillow! What can be softer and more desirable, especially in the morning? And a micron for making a cake-pillow with a crown will help you with this. You can see the finished result in the photo below.

    We will need:

    1. Biscuit.

    2. Mastic.

    3. A figurine of a girl from mastic.

    4. The knife.

    5. Special wheel.

    6. Ruler.


    Calculation for a cake weighing 3 kg.
    1. Biscuit was pre-baked in a rectangular shape( classic with cocoa for 9 eggs)

    2. Cut off a piece of biscuit, leaving a square.

    3. Divide the parts in half.

    4. Begin to collect, first the squares are square, soaked and smeared with cream, leaving on the sides 1.5-2 cm of emptiness( then we cut them).

    5. Then cut off the rectangles, stacked in the center, creating a fluffy cushion, put in the refrigerator for 1-1.5 hours to biscuit froze.

    6. Cut out, quite a bit, the edges of the arc. We smear the cake( oil 300 gr. + Condensed milk 160-170 grams).We put in the freezer for 15 minutes.

    7. The coating needs 600-650gr.mastic, roll out the layer and cover the cake, and smooth the top.

    8. Superfluous it is necessary to cut off.

    9. Use a special wheel to make stitches on the pillow, as in the photo:

    10. We make ruches.

    11. We decorate the bottom of the pillow.

    12. At the top of the cake we put a doll with booties and other elements of decor.

    13. But here you can also make this version of the cake in the form of a pillow.

    Video on this subject:

    You can change both the composition and the components from which you are making the cake. And the videos below will help you not to make annoying mistakes during the creative process.