Master-class on voluminous paper application with own hands

  • Master-class on voluminous paper application with own hands

    The 3D application, of course, is a little more complicated than the flat one, but it also looks more impressive. The work done in this technique will become a strong decoration of the interior or an expensive and spectacular gift to close people. In this article we offer to your attention a master class on volumetric paper application with your own hands. Some lessons are suitable for children's creativity, others will be able to adults. Good luck in work!

    Voluminous trees

    Trees with a three-dimensional crown are an unusual and original solution for children's creativity. Having finished the picture, the kid will certainly want to hang such beauty in the frame on the wall, because the result is really wonderful.

    For example, here such trees can be made in this technique:

    So, a small master class.

    1. From the cardboard we cut out the outline of the tree. Separately, we need to cut the barrel, which will match the dimensions of the carton billet. To this trunk we add the upper part - the branches.

    2. Cut the strips of paper with dimensions of 1.5 cm * 10.5 cm, fold the accordion. Using curly scissors, cut the crown parts of different shapes and one lower part, equal in size to the bottom of the carton billet.

    3. We attach the gromoshkas to the back of the workpieces of the crown, except for the lower part. We glue it to a tree.

    4. From above - the trunk.

    5. We glue corn preforms on accordions one by one, partially overlapping adjacent ones.

    6. It remains to decorate the tree. We'll hang the colored fruits to get the apple tree.

    The tree is ready.

    A bouquet of flowers

    A beautiful panel can be made from ordinary landscape paper. If desired, the elements can be painted with watercolors. And if you take a paper more dense, then the work itself will be more voluminous, textured and interesting.

    1. First, we draw patterns for bulk paper applications or print out ready-made ones. At us such blanks here have turned out.

    2. Cut out the template.

    3. Circle the required number of elements on the paper and cut it out as well.

    4. Make the background: cut the sheet of the desired size and paste it into the frame.

    5. The reverse side of the clerical knife, we press the streaks on the leaves.

    6. Thin leaves are ironed with scissors, creating fantasy curls.

    7. Just push the middle and edge of the flowers with a knife.

    8. Here we have made ready-made flowers of different sizes and shapes.

    9. Let's start creating an application. According to the law of perspective, we begin work with the most distant objects, in our case - leaves. We glue them to the base.

    10. Creatively fantasizing, create a composition: flowers, three-dimensional leaves, curls beautifully place and glue.

    11. Stamens of large colors will be obtained if we thinly cut the paper and fold it several times.

    12. Mediums of small flowers can be made from cotton buds or small beads.

    13. Add the remaining decorative elements.

    The work is ready! You can hang on the wall.

    Butterfly panel

    Rebecca Coles is the author of beautiful appliqu├ęs, whole paintings made up of multi-colored butterflies. Creating such a job will require you to be persevering and patient, this technique is not difficult. The effect of perspective in it is achieved through the use of elements of different sizes, and the depth - in different shades and colors of butterflies.

    Butterflies, cut from the pages of glossy magazines and newspapers, are unusual.

    How to make paper butterflies?

    The author happily shares his technique.

    Any paper, whether it's a magazine page, newspapers, books, etc., is cut into small rectangles that fold in half. On one side, a half of an arbitrary butterfly silhouette is drawn and cut out.

    It remains to spread the butterfly wings and use in creating the pattern, gluing to the base or pinning.

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