• Signs and symptoms of intestinal atony

    What is intestinal atony? Atony of the intestine is a pathology associated with a violation of the evacuation of the contents of the intestine or its emptying.

    It is expressed in a significant increase in the intervals between the acts of defecation, that is, the obstructed stool. Constipation is a sign of many unfavorable conditions of the body, including it is associated with intestinal atony.

    Symptoms of intestinal atony

    One of the most common forms is alimentary constipation, which is associated with malnutrition. There are also psychogenic constipation, neurogenic constipation, endocrine and toxic.

    Psychogenic constipation is directly related to the lesion of the anorectal region, the weakening of the muscles.

    What is the consequence of constipation?

    Constipation can lead to accumulation of toxins in the lumen of the intestine.

    Coprolits or fecal stones, mucus, microorganisms, a suspension that contains toxins, chemically unfavorable compounds - all this accumulates due to constipation.

    So, we figured out the basic symptom of atony of the intestine - constipation. Now let us determine in detail the consequences of this disastrous phenomenon for the organism.

    What happens in the body against constipation?

    Since there is active absorption of water, vitamins, and microelements in the large intestine, the person does not get enough of the last ones with constipation. Deficiency of the most important elements for the body, as well as its intoxication due to the introduction of harmful compounds into the blood lead to serious consequences.

    The mucosa of the large intestine is inflamed, as it squeezes some of its areas. This negatively affects the work of adjacent organs due to reflex action on them. Violation of the state of microflora in the intestine leads to a persistent deterioration in the general condition of a person.

    Allergic reactions, various immune disorders and other troubles may appear. Scientists have proved a direct connection between oncology and the background of prolonged constipation against intestinal atony.

    What is the relationship between atony of the rectum and the occurrence of colorectal cancer?

    Rectal cancer is a cancerous disease that has a malignant form. Numerous studies have led to obvious conclusions: the onset of a tumor is often caused by atony of the rectum. Atony of the rectum is a disease predisposing to the occurrence of intestinal cancer.

    So, we found out that atony of the rectum requires immediate treatment to prevent the worst consequences and save a person's life. In the arsenal of modern medicine, there are many means for treating constipation.

    Treatment of the disease

    Many specialists in this field tend to agree that the main method of treating atony is a diet. A special diet has been developed, where the main principle is split meals in small portions. The diet is dominated by products such as, fermented milk, natural juices and kvass. Avoid eating eggs, pears, smoked foods and other products that cause constipation.

    What drugs with constipation give a good effect?

    Well stimulate peristalsis such agents as: "Proserin", strengthen the defecation of glycerin suppositories, candles with cocoa butter and belladonna. Often used enemas with vegetable oils.

    Prolonged and difficultly flowing constipation is the first signal to contact a qualified specialist, for example, a proctologist who will accurately determine the pathology option and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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