• Diet for kidney nephroptosis: general information

    For sure, many have heard that the diet for kidney nephroptosis is still prescribed by diet number 7.It is prescribed for all patients who have any renal ailments. What is the essence of such a diet? Let's understand.

    Diet for kidney nephroptosis: general information on nutrition and prohibited foods

    This is important! The purpose of the diet with kidney nephroptosis is a sharp restriction of the content of extractives. This is necessary in order to radically reduce the irritation of the diseased organ, that is, the kidneys, as well as increase the excretion of under-oxidized products( in other words - the slags) of metabolism from the body and provide an effective anti-inflammatory effect.

    Every specialist knows that a diet with nephroptosis of the kidneys must necessarily be as varied as possible. The patient's task is to provide himself with adequate nutrition, with the necessary body of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as those substances that possess lipotropic properties. Such products include:

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    • homemade milk;
    • natural cottage cheese;
    • all lactic acid products.

    At the same time, you should limit the use of cream and sour cream.

    In general, nutrition with kidney nephroptosis should be as much as possible fractional, up to six times a day. And the diet should be filled with vegetables and fruits. As for drinking, the amount of liquid must necessarily reach about 800-1000 milliliters per day.

    • In order to slightly improve the aroma and taste of the dishes, the patient can use cinnamon, cumin, as well as citric acid and dried fennel.
    • The amount of daily salt intake should in no case exceed three to five grams. In this case, any dish should be prepared without the use of salt. However, the patient can slightly add food after cooking.

    Foods that are not allowed for kidney nephroptosis:

    1. Cakes and creams.
    2. Carbonated drinks.
    3. Broths( from meat, fish and mushrooms, because they contain so-called extractive substances).
    4. Pulses.
    5. Snacks.
    6. Pickles.
    7. Smoked meat.
    8. Canned food.

    If there is a complication of the disease in the form of renal chronic insufficiency and uremia develops, then the patient should reduce the amount of protein consumed by him from about 20-25 grams per day. And it is important to note that first of all, a person needs to reduce the amount of plant proteins consumed. Such proteins are found in legumes, cereals, flour products( bread, rolls, cupcakes and others).The fact is that the biological value of these proteins is somewhat inferior to all animal proteins, and overload the patient's body with harmful products of so-called protein metabolism.

    Salads with a small amount of seafood are useful.

    Principle of a diet for kidney nephroptosis

    In the early stages of this disease, the diet is aimed at normalizing and controlling the amount of phosphorus and protein consumed. In addition, using a special diet controls the use of sodium( it, as is known, enters the human body with sodium chloride).And, of course, attention is paid to the caloric intake of food and the maintenance of an adequate body weight.

    So, the essence of the diet:


    Undoubtedly, proteins are the most important food component. They are necessary for a person to properly build many structures of his body. However, at the same time, in the body, after the exchange of proteins that have entered it, slags always remain. Slags are called urea, creatinine and other elements. They are considered so-called nitrogenous substances and, as a rule, are excreted by the kidneys directly with urine. It happens when a person's health is normal.

    With nephroptosis of the kidneys, when the filtration, as well as the excretory function of this organ is worse, all the slags remain in the human body, thus having a harmful toxic effect. That is why when kidney nephroptosis a person should limit the consumption of proteins. In this case, do not drastically reduce the consumption of protein, because it is important for the defenses of the body and its health.


    As a rule, with kidney diseases in patients there is a violation of excretion of excess salt from the body. As a result, this leads to a significant salt accumulation, including accumulation of phosphorus. And with excessive phosphorus in the body, calcium is washed out of the bone tissue, which in turn can lead to osteoporosis in the course of time. It should be noted that phosphorus is contained quite the same in all products, but its greatest amount is observed in dairy products, cocoa, beer, as well as in beans, peanuts and cola.


    It is sodium that causes a fluid retention in the human body, which results in edema, as well as provokes an increase in blood pressure. Accordingly, the use of sodium in kidney nephroptosis should be somewhat reduced. In the largest amount, sodium enters the body with salt and various kinds of pickles.

    Keeping a diet with kidney ailments will help you avoid many complications and improve your health!

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