• Diet with increased bilirubin

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    Diet with bilirubin well relieves liver and cleanses blood

    A diet with increased bilirubin is an effective way to restore health without using serious medications.

    In addition, this diet program not only lowers its blood level in blood, but also significantly improves the patient's well-being, as it prevents the appearance of bile stagnation, discharges the liver and cleanses the blood.

    Causes, symptoms and peculiarities of nutrition with high bilirubin ^

    The term "bilirubin" refers to the bile pigment that is formed as a result of the breakdown of red blood cells that are contained in the liver. If the liver works well, the pigment accumulated in the liver is excreted along with the bile.

    Otherwise, namely, in the presence of liver disease, genetic predisposition or hemolytic anemia, the indicator of its content in the blood rises.

    The causes of increased bilirubin are different. These include:

    • increased intensity of erythrocyte destruction;
    • violation of bilirubin-excretory function of the liver;
    • violation of outflow of bile to the intestine;
    • use of certain medicines;
    • infection with worms;
    • deficiency in the body of vitamin B12.

    During excessive pigmentation the following symptoms appear: dizziness and frequent headaches, fatigue and nausea, yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, darkening of the urine, fever, itching.

    Elevated levels of bilirubin, as well as untimely treatment, can lead to more serious problems and even the occurrence of chronic diseases, because bilirubin is a toxic substance capable of destroying cells. In addition, excessive accumulation of this pigment negatively affects the nervous system and causes jaundice.

    Among the methods of lowering the pigment of bile can be noted a special diet for lowering bilirubin. Change the usual diet to the patient is vital, so as not to exacerbate the existing problem. Dietary nutrition is based on the use of the following foods and dishes, of which the recommendation is to make a diet:

    • low-fat sour-milk products, creamy, vegetable oils;
    • natural juices, compotes, kissels, pure still water;
    • vegetables and vegetable dishes, unsweetened fruits;
    • cereals without the addition of salt, honey, jam;
    • boiled meat and fish.

    For this disease, it is recommended to exclude some products from the menu. In the case of increased bile pigment it is forbidden to eat foods that adversely affect liver function. Under the ban fall:

    • salt, various pickles, smoked products, canned food, sauerkraut, fatty foods;
    • flour and sweet, especially cakes, pastries, which are prepared with the addition of soda and baking powder;
    • marine products, namely mussels or oysters, fatty meats, cheeses;
    • chocolate and ice cream;
    • sour fruit: oranges, lemons, cherries, etc.;
    • spicy seasonings, sauces, vinegar;
    • mushrooms, garlic, radish, sorrel, green onions;
    • alcoholic beverages.

    The question of how to lower bilirubin in the body will help to solve folk medicine and special dietary nutrition, which are aimed, first of all, at the maximum discharge of the liver. The food you eat should only be boiled or baked in the oven. It is strictly forbidden to use during the diet other methods for weight loss, especially fasting, which will only exacerbate the disease.

    Diet for lowering bilirubin in blood: an approximate menu and features ^

    Lowering the level of bile pigment will help various herbal decoctions, for example, from chamomile with mint, motherwort with St. John's Wort. Bacillus leaves will help get rid of stagnation of bile, which must be poured with boiling water, cover and insist.

    What foods increase bilirubin? The list can be found in the section recommended by the diet products. In addition, the diet should leave foods in which excessive amounts of essential oils, extractives, refractory fats, as well as cholesterol. Increase bilirubin also sour fruits and vegetables, fatty meat, spicy sauces and condiments. The most dangerous product that increases the pigment of bile is alcohol.

    Products to reduce bilirubin

    To get rid of this problem, you should also know which products effectively reduce the bile pigment. It is very important to include in the diet certain vegetables and fruits, rich in fiber. Decrease is facilitated by:

    • dairy products,
    • sweet fruit,
    • lean meat,
    • vegetable and milk soup,
    • egg whites,
    • herbal infusions, etc.

    Diet with increased direct bilirubin

    Direct bilirubin is a pigment that forms directly in the liver. The diet at its increase is aimed at the complete restriction of salt and salty foods, flour products, etc.

    The diet with increased pigment of bile should be observed until the indicators begin to decrease. Take food should be at least 5 times a day with intermissions between meals in 2,5-3 hours. The sample menu looks like this:

    • For breakfast it is recommended to boil rice, eat a little fat-free sour cream and a sweet banana.
    • For a snack, you can take an apple of sweet varieties or a small persimmon, drink freshly squeezed juice or brew herbal tea.
    • For lunch you can cook buckwheat soup or porridge with low-fat chicken meat, cook a couple of carrot pancakes and drink yogurt.
    • During the second snack, you can enjoy yourself with curd casserole and a light salad of beets and carrots.
    • For dinner, the fish baked in the oven, homemade noodles and boiled cauliflower are ideal. For dessert, it is recommended to eat a few spoons of cottage cheese with a banana and drink a glass of curdled milk.

    Diet with increased bilirubin in pregnant women

    Elevated bile pigment during pregnancy is a frequent phenomenon that is observed mainly in the third trimester of pregnancy and indicates a violation of bile outflow. Change in its level is a symptom of another disease.

    When bile is stiff in pregnant women, treatment should be started to normalize this indicator. Correct diet and diet with increased bilirubin in pregnant women will help to bring the indicators back to normal. You can create a menu on your own based on the list of recommended products.

    Diets with increased bilirubin in children

    Elevated bile pigment is a common occurrence in children, especially in newborns. This symptom is accompanied by jaundice, which practically always passes by itself. However, in the most severe cases, the doctor prescribes phytotherapy.

    Doctors warn that the best diet with increased pigment in children is systematic breastfeeding. It is well known that the female colostrum helps to accelerate the process of stool removal, along with which all toxic substances are eliminated.

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    The results, recommendations and feedback of doctors about therapeutic nutrition with increasing bilirubin ^

    The doctors' reviews of the diet with high bilirubin are only positive, because such a diet program is effective and safe. The results of a diet with elevated bilirubin are as follows: in just three months of adherence to recommendations, the level of pigment in the blood is completely normalized, the liver and intestines are effectively cleaned.

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