Gifts for the New Year 2016 cheap - what inexpensive gifts to cook

  • Gifts for the New Year 2016 cheap - what inexpensive gifts to cook

    The art of choosing and presenting a gift is not to buy the most expensive and prestigious item, but to get this gift "into the goal."Even a very valuable thing can not please the recipient, if it is not in his taste, vulgar or simply not fashionable. You can give and absolutely inexpensive thing, the main thing - to give pleasure, bring joy to the gifted.

    Choosing a New Year gift

    Choosing a gift

    The ability to listen to people will help with the choice of a gift. The easiest way to do this is for your family and friends. With them you have been around for many years, you know their tastes and desires.

    It is customary to give small, but pleasant gifts for the New Year, the main thing is that no one remains without souvenirs. For employees and acquaintances to choose gifts is a little more difficult, here it is better to limit things to neutral, but not trivial. Do not give things customary, the purchase of which is an ordinary phenomenon for every family. Kettles, pans, meat grinders, shampoos and shower gels, bed linens and other utilitarian items can be a gift only if you are firmly convinced of its desire.

    Buy gifts for the New Year 2016 cheap can anyone. You just need to think a little and include your imagination. Simply imagine, what would you have bought a gift for yourself, having on hand a small amount. There are many options.

    For relatives and friends

    Souvenir as a gift

    Before buying, remember what your relatives and relatives are interested in. Mom is very fond of embroidering, but constantly loses needles and pinch fingers. Give her an elegant bed and a thimble, or even better - a special set for sewing in a beautiful box. It is worth it quite inexpensively, and pleasure will deliver for sure.

    Grandpa likes to read, but does not see well in low light? He is a good and inexpensive gift will be a compact LED-lamp, clinging directly to the book. Now he can read where he wants, even in complete darkness.

    The niece sculpts figurines of plasticine with rapture, but is terribly upset when they wrinkle and lose shape when stored. Give her special clay, the products of which become hard when lowered into the water. In the set, there are a lot of flowers that give space for the child's imagination. She will be delighted with such a gift, and you will spend a very small amount.

    Gifts native

    Son - a fan of the saga of transformers and collects everything that is associated with these heroes of comics. Buy him a poster with his favorite characters, about which he buzzed all ears around, let him rejoice.

    If the husband complains that his socks are constantly lost in the drawer of the dresser, and he is late for work, looking for the same pair, buy a liner in the chest of drawers, which will divide the box into convenient cells. And that the gift does not seem a hint of untidiness, close it with a new tie or a cover for the mobile.

    Please note! A good inexpensive gift is utilitarian and useful, but not trivial. It should be from the category of those items that we like, but we buy them last, considering "pampering" and "excesses, without which it is quite possible to live."To live without them, of course, you can, but get a gift is very nice.

    The worst gift is a souvenir, which is chosen on the principle "this is nothing worse than another."Such a thing is definitely not needed by anyone and will at best collect dust on the shelf, cluttering the apartment, at worst - quietly go to the trash. Everyone in the house has a lot of such "junk" gifts, which they do not like, and throw out the hand does not rise, because this gift was made by a native person.

    For acquaintances and employees

    Gifts to colleagues

    To outsiders, whose nature and inclination in the smallest details do not know, giving gifts is very difficult. Especially if it's about cheap New Year's gifts. To give a knowingly unnecessary thing you do not want, and everything else seems too personal. Actually this is not true.

    Please note! Make a New Year's gift to neighbors in the office is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is that the gift was very personal, but not intimate.

    If your entire office is drinking tea with rapture, and Mary Ivanna is a coffee, then she can buy a bag of some exotic sort. All the rest will get beautiful tea cups, but not ordinary ones, but with their names, wishes of success in the New Year, images of the symbol of the year - the Monkey. You can order the printing service on the plates via the Internet. This is a very inexpensive gift, but it is personal, and this means the attention paid. This is especially appreciated in gifts, no matter how much they cost.

    The same approach can be applied to useful for office work gifts. For example, notebooks, sets of paper for notes, stickers and pens are never superfluous. Make them more personal. Let the cover of Tanya will have a daffodil, and Vanya has a car. Do not want pictures, think them too naive and childish? Think of a motto or password for everyone, it looks stylish and business-like. The simplest and cheapest thing with such an unusual approach to it "will play" and will become interesting and unusual.