Cottage for the New Year 2013 - New Year 2013 in the cottage

  • Cottage for the New Year 2013 - New Year 2013 in the cottage

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    Cottages are the choice of those who dream to celebrate the New Year in nature, but with maximum comfort. This option attracts many advantageous price-quality ratio. Away from the noisy city, you are waited by wonderful winter landscapes, fresh air, forest and lots and lots of snow. Recently, the cottages are rented so that in silence outside the city together with the family to meet the most wonderful holiday - the New Year. And these people can easily understand - why go to the far end of the earth, to spend extra money, to waste time, if all that is needed, is located near by somewhere in the suburbs. So it's nice to realize that you can enjoy complete freedom of movement and return home at any time whenever you want.

    When to rent?

    When to take care of renting

    If you are already thinking about what it would be nice to rent for a New Year's Eve party, we advise you to make a final decision as soon as possible, because all the best offers are sorted out now, a few months before the New Year. There are so many people who want to celebrate the New Year in the environment of nature, that houses diverge like hot cakes. The most convenient options from year to year are reserved by the same families - having met the New Year in the cottage once, I want to meet him here every year. Now there is still an opportunity to find an inexpensive but comfortable cottage for the New Year 2013.

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    Advantages of a country house

    Why exactly is a cottage? Any family on holidays wants entertainment and more free space for binge. And if you dream that at midnight near you all the people dear to you gathered, choose a cottage. A country house will be able to accommodate a large company of friends and relatives, which it would be problematic to place with comfort in an apartment. However, the couple in love will be delighted with the idea of ​​spending a romantic New Year's Eve in the country, in a separate house, where no one will interfere with enjoying each other's company. And if you plan a corporate or a friendly party, then renting a cottage will cost quite inexpensively, since the cost of rent can be divided into all. To the note to the chief: such events have a positive impact on relations in the team, strengthen friendly ties, which will subsequently affect your business.

    You will easily find a cottage, furnished with beautiful new furniture, with a cozy fireplace and will be able to fulfill your old dream to sit and warm in a chair by the fire. Only having felt everything on yourself, you will understand what it's like to get up the day after the holiday, look out the window and understand that you are far from the city noise, surrounded by forests.


    Renting a cottage is an excellent reason for indulging in winter fun in the surrounding area. Do not be afraid that you will be bored, except for independent entertainment such as games in the snow, fireworks have the opportunity to organize a festive program, for example, to order the services of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Your children will be delighted with such a fabulous meeting of the New Year. In principle, the program can be any, depending on your wishes: you choose music, menu, interior design of the house.

    An entertainment program can include a "blue light", a disco, ice skating or a sleigh harnessed by a troika of horses, ski walks, celebratory concerts with the participation of famous artists, dances round the fire or Christmas trees, drawings and gifts. In addition, on the territory there are sports complexes and spa-salons, not uncommon Finnish and Turkish baths.

    You can create a script yourself, and the actors will implement it, or choose something from the standard options that you will surely be offered. Your choice will determine your New Year mood. During the holiday and the next day you have the opportunity to make some wonderful colorful photos.

    Power supply

    Initially, cottage rest in most cases does not provide meals, and its price is not included in the cost of the check-in. It is understood that you will eat in the numerous bars and cafes that are located on a common territory. The choice of dishes is often varied, including Russian, European, oriental cuisine and homemade food. But if you plan to save money, then each cottage is equipped with a comfortable kitchen, where you can easily cook everything you need. If desired, you can attract the services of a professional chef, or order the delivery of ready meals from the restaurant, picking up and approving the menu. The price of the New Year's banquet should be negotiated with the agency manager, in which you rent the cottage, in advance, as it sometimes happens that you can not order a banquet separately.


    At your choice, the company will provide several cottages from very small to large three-storey houses - these may be brick variants, and wooden log cabins with good furniture, European-quality repair and designer delicacies, technically equipped. Even a jacuzzi is not the limit of dreams. Some companies allow to enter the house together with pets. If you went with the children and you suddenly want to relax with your spouse, then you have the opportunity to hire a nanny or tutor, or send a child to the games room, and maybe to a children's club.

    New Year's Eve in the cottage is sure to be remembered for a long time!