Contests for the New Year 2016 - what to hold

  • Contests for the New Year 2016 - what to hold

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    Before the New Year 2016, there is not much time left. For this reason, if you want his meeting to be bright and memorable, it is already worthwhile to think over all the contests for the New Year 2016 for a fun company. Thanks to such cheerful competitions, your guests will not fall asleep at the table right after the President's New Year's address ends, but for a while they will be distracted from drinking alcoholic beverages and eating salads.

    So, we offer you interesting and fun contests. Some of them are comic, others require a very serious approach from the participants. But they are all good fun at home in the year of the monkey, which you can even shoot on video if you want. Next, we will offer a detailed scenario of each contest. But nobody forbids to bring in his own original ideas.

    Blind snow woman


    If weather conditions allow, you can invite guests to go out and play on the street. The players( ideally - all of them should be male) are divided into several teams, which should blind the snowman faster than others.

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    The owners of the apartment, where the New Year 2016( Monkey year) will be held, will have to be dressed up as Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and after all guests sit down at the festive table, announce to them that each of them is waiting for a New Year's gift. However, only educated people can get it. Next, guests are invited to play a game called "Alphabet".Santa Claus or Snow Maiden calls the first letter "A".The task of the remaining players is to come up with a New Year's greeting, which would begin with this letter. And so on alphabetically. Each player who comes up with such a congratulation, a souvenir is given out. Especially funny game becomes, when they reach the letters E, N, L, L.

    Gift box

    Gift box

    In the far corner of the room where the New Year celebration will take place, a box is placed that has the upper hand, however, it does not have a bottom. If you want, you can decorate it somehow and write on it "Happy holiday! !!".Inside such a box must be filled with confetti. The most important condition of this competition is that the box should be placed as high as possible. Preferably, on the closet. When one of the guests enters the room, they tell him that a present is on the wardrobe for him. He takes off the box and, of course, confetti is showered from head to foot.

    Decorate the Christmas tree

    Christmas tree decorations

    For this contest you will need a small ball of ribbon, garland, tinsel. The roles of trees will be performed by female faces. In one hand, each of them will hold one end of a garland or ribbon. The faces of the male, without touching their hands, take the other end of the tape or garland with their teeth and wrap their "Christmas tree" around it. The one who has a more beautiful Christmas tree wins. Or the one who dresses her faster than others.


    Several couples take part in this New Year's competition. It's better if they are all family. Each of them will need to blindfold. Then take a few pins( for example, seven) and pin them to them on clothes. Then the competition begins. The pair that first takes off all the pins from each other's clothes wins. It is important that this process proceeds slowly and under romantic music. But, in fact, the winner will be the couple who first guess what is the catch. And it consists that on clothes of the man there can be less pins, rather than on clothes of the woman, and on the contrary. But they understand this, as a rule, not immediately. Therefore, on the part of the audience, the process looks very, very interesting.

    Mittens and Buttons

    Undo the shirt

    Two pairs are called. The males receive warm winter gauntlets. Wearing them in their hands, they will, for a certain period of time, have to fasten as many buttons as possible on a robe or shirt, which are worn over the clothes of their partners in the contest.

    New Year's wishes contest

    Wishes for the New Year

    Five participants are called. And each of them in turn calls some New Year's wish. Anyone who thinks for more than five seconds is considered a loser.

    Songs of

    There are several small pieces of paper in the hat with one word pertaining to the New Year( for example, "Santa Claus", "Christmas tree", "icicle", "snow maiden", "gifts").Each participant pulls out a piece of paper and sings a song in which the written word occurs.


    Each player is given a nickname. For example, "candy", "garland", "cracker", "flashlight", a snowdrift "and so on. The facilitator approaches one by one and asks the question:

    - Who are you?

    - The snowdrift.

    - What are we celebrating today?

    - Lollipop.

    - What's on your nose?

    - Garland.

    And all in that spirit. Each of the participants has the right to answer questions exclusively under his "name", which can be inclined accordingly. In this case, the respondent is prohibited from laughing. The one who laughs first is out.

    Mask, I know you


    The leader puts a mask on the player. Then the player is asked different questions to which he can receive clues. For example:

    - Is it a bird?

    - No.

    - Man?

    - No.

    - Animal?

    - Yes.

    - Home?

    - Yes.

    - Does it bark?

    - Yes.

    - The dog?

    - That's right.

    As a prize, the winner can be handed the mask itself.

    Poem Competition "Burime"


    For this contest several cards are prepared in advance, on which rhymes for New Year poems are written. They are distributed to guests at the beginning of the holiday. Rhymes can be very different. Everyone must compose a poem with given rhymes. The winner is determined during the delivery of gifts.

    Telegram to Santa Claus

    Telegram to

    Guests will need to name thirteen adjectives that are recorded in the lead in order. After they are named, the presenter gets the text of the telegram to Santa Claus( it needs to be written in advance, having prepared 13 places where you can insert adjectives) and inserts the words. It turns out very funny.

    Dancing with a ball

    Dancing with balls

    Each pair gets a ball, puts it between them and tries to hold on to their bodies. As a result of body movements, a kind of dance is obtained.