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    Gymnastics Pilates for weight loss can engage people of all ages.

    To date, almost everyone has heard of the set of exercises invented by Joseph Pilates. Pilates not only stretches and strengthens muscles, but also has a positive effect on human consciousness.

    The main purpose of this exercise system is to develop coordination and flexibility. A distinctive feature of pilates is that any woman can perform the exercises, regardless of age and physical fitness.

    The essence of the exercises Pilates for weight loss ^

    Gymnastics Pilates for weight loss has been used not so long ago. Initially, this program was designed to rehabilitate patients after the trauma, helped to strengthen posture, improve muscle tone.

    Weight loss with the help of gymnastics Pilates is due to a certain load, which helps burn calories. However, Pilates is a unique method for the loss of extra pounds. Its differences from other complexes are as follows:

    • All exercises must be performed very slowly, without hurrying up. Consequently, the risk of getting any injuries during training is reduced.
    • This program consists of a variety of techniques, the purpose of which is comprehensive muscle training and the development of flexibility.
    • Most of the attention during the Pilates classes is usually given to the abdominal area, namely the direct and transverse muscles. The developer of this exercise system called these muscles a "framework of strength."

    Numerous reviews of slimming ones suggest that Pilates gymnastics has a lot of advantages:

    • The results of losing weight at first glance seem rather modest: one session burns only 300 kcal. But the process of losing weight is gradual, and the result remains for a long time due to the complex approach to all parts of the body.
    • With the Pilates technique, the muscles of the body are strengthened, but do not increase in volume.
    • Exercises help get rid of fat deposits on the sides and abdomen.
    • The work of internal organs is normalized.
    • A person learns to perform conscious movements, establishes contact between the body and the mind.
    • The Pilates system is ideal for expectant mothers who want to maintain harmony and flexibility even during pregnancy.

    The basis of the Pilates gymnastics is such principles:

    • Relaxation.
    • Concentration. When doing Pilates exercises, you need to get rid of unnecessary thoughts. All attention should be directed to the correctness of the exercises.
    • Coordination.
    • Alignment of the body, ability to balance.
    • Breathing completely affects the effectiveness of the process of losing weight.
    • Smoothness of the performed movements.
    • Center of gravity, in the quality of which the abdomen is taken.
    • Endurance.

    Gym Pilastics is suitable for everyone, as it is safe and has no contraindications. The most important rule of the Pilates technique: you need to carry out all the movements carefully and consistently. In addition, it is necessary to control breathing and concentrate attention. If the exercise creates painful sensations, you should immediately inform the trainer about this.

    Lessons of Pilates for weight loss: description of exercises, video ^

    The Pilates complex for weight loss can be divided into groups of exercises:

    • on the floor;
    • on the simulators;
    • on the floor, using special attributes.

    Pilates for weight loss includes the following exercises:

    Pilates for weight loss

    • The starting position is as follows: it is necessary to sit on the back, hands to be laid exactly along the trunk, legs should lie straight.
    • The exercise consists of alternately lifting the legs 45 degrees and performing wide circular motions first raised by the right, and then left foot.
    • It is necessary to make five curves of movements to the outside and inside each leg.

    Pilates for weight loss belly

    Pilates for the abdomen is effective in the following exercises for the press:

    Exercise 1 - "Boat"

    • Starting position: it is necessary to sit on the floor, bend the knees and slightly dilute them. The distance between the feet should not exceed the width of the pelvis.
    • Then you need to grab the leg area above the knees with your hands, lift off the feet from the floor and raise the shin to that height until they are parallel to the floor. Back at the same time it is impossible to round off, it is better to try to keep it even.
    • In a position where the legs are raised, you need to freeze for a few seconds, while breathing in.
    • Exhaling air, it is necessary to make the back a little rounded and quite a bit to take it back.
    • After - again, inhale and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

    Exercise 2 - "Hundred"

    • Lying on the back, you need to raise your knees to the parallel of the shins with the floor. Knees should be turned outward.
    • To do this, you need to put stops to each other. Hands should lie flat along the body.
    • After accepting the starting position, it is necessary to stretch straight legs to form a 45 degree angle with the floor.
    • At the same time, you need to lift your shoulders and head.
    • Then in this position you need to do a dozen punches in the air.
    • Number of repetitions - 10. Total number of strokes - 100.

    Pilates for slimming calves

    Slow stretching of the legs helps strengthen and lose weight of calves.

    • You need to sit on the floor in the same way as in the exercise "Hundred".Knees tend to chest, legs are located close to each other, socks need to be pulled.
    • Then the smooth legs are drawn to a 45 degree angle, the even arms are raised above the floor.
    • It is necessary to make the twisting, lifting the shoulders and hips.
    • Next, you need to pull to the shoulders of the right knee so that the foot slowly slides on the inside of the thigh of the left leg.

    These movements should be repeated 8 times by feet.

    Pilates Exercises for Slimming at Home ^

    At home, Pilates exercises for weight loss are best performed on the floor or rug. The following exercises of pilates for weight loss beginners will be very easy to understand and fulfill.


    This exercise will perfectly strengthen the neck and back.

    • You need to lie down, hands to place on the floor along the body, bend your legs. This position is the starting point for the whole complex of exercises.
    • Then you need to take a deep breath, while the head should tend to the chest. This position should be fixed until tension appears in the neck and back.
    • After that, you need to breathe out and throw your head back.

    "Hands behind the head"

    • Taking the starting position, as in the first exercise, you need to breathe air, raise your arms above the body so that they are located at a right angle to the floor. The palms look at each other.
    • On exhalation, hands should be placed behind the head, and on inhalation return to the starting position.
    • The duration of this exercise is a few minutes.

    "Angel Wings"

    • This exercise differs from the previous one only in that when exhaling the rug should not be taken away from the head, but spread aside.
    • During the exercise, the press should strain.
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    Results, reviews of weight loss and doctors about losing weight with gymnastics Pilates ^

    Results of weight loss with the help of Pilates exercises will be difficult to notice after several sessions, because this technique can be called more generally a fortifying method than effective weight loss method.

    Nevertheless, feedback on losing weight with the help of Pilates gymnastics is only positive, because with the help of this miracle - gymnastics the body is pulled up, the tummy is gone, and a good mood also appears.

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