Scenario New Year 2015 with friends - celebrate the New Year 2015 scenario with friends

  • Scenario New Year 2015 with friends - celebrate the New Year 2015 scenario with friends

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    Many believe that if old friends decided to meet the New Year together, then it will be enough for them to simply communicate at the festive table. But sometimes you do not want to turn a fabulous winter holiday into a boring usual feast. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary for one of the friends to take the initiative in organizing a themed New Year party. And first and foremost, he should do an interesting script with a selection of fun contests. The script should cover literally each of the company, because only in this case, none of the friends gathered on New Year's Eve is definitely bored. To make it easier for the organizer of the party, we suggest to study a small scenario of the New Year 2015 with friends, aimed at active recreation and fun. But, no matter how he tried to think through all the details to the organizer of the holiday, mostly the celebration of the New Year's Eve - it's still an impromptu.

    Please note! As a rule, the organizer assumes the role of presenter.
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    In addition, long before the party, he should choose an assistant, because not always one person can cope with the organization of competitions, the purchase of prizes and the preparation of costumes.

    Santa Claus and gifts

    Santa Claus with gifts

    To make some intrigue in the upcoming event, it is necessary that each of the guests in advance prepared and brought with them a small souvenir( preferably with the symbol of the year - a goat or lamb).At the entrance to the house, where the merry company is going to celebrate the New Year, a red sack hangs, in which each of the guests coming should put a prepared gift. Somewhat later, one of the friends, dressed in the Santa Claus costume, will randomly take out New Year gifts from this bag, and give them to those present for singing a song or reading a rhyme. Present gifts to guests recommended after the twelfth strike of the chimes. The presenter prepares everyone for the appearance of Santa Claus:

    The Year of the Goat counts:
    The New Year comes.
    Oh, and the night will now be -
    Santa Claus now arrives!

    The presenter proposes to call Santa Claus and everybody yells "Grandfather Frost!"

    Santa Claus appears with a bag of gifts. The fun continues. Gifts are given, after which everyone again sits down at the festive table. Father Frost in an arbitrary form with warm wishes, says New Year's toast.

    New Year's wishes

    Hat with wishes

    One of the prepared hats puts small pieces of paper with the names of everyone present, and in the other - with amusing wishes for the coming year. Lead in turn takes out and loudly reads pieces of paper from both hats. After solemn announcement of all merry New Year wishes to each of the guests, the toast is pronounced:

    Let happiness and luck
    Come to every house!
    Pud joy in addition to
    In the year of Goats we are waiting!

    All amicably drinking for luck in the new year.

    Dance competition


    Despite the fact that this cheerful contest is held at festive events already a long time ago, he enjoys great success. And the competition is as follows. Guys and girls are broken up into pairs. Each couple gets a newspaper that will serve as a dance floor.

    Please note! The participants should dance without leaving the unfolded sheet.

    Slow music starts. Couples are dancing. At some point, the presenter stops the music and announces that the newspaper sheet should be folded in half. After that, the melody continues to sound again and couples continue to dance on a smaller sheet until the next pause. The task is constantly complicated by the fact that the newspaper sheet constantly doubles. In the end, the winner is the couple, who stayed longer in the dance, without stepping outside the assigned limits. Winners are awarded prizes prepared in advance. The facilitator invites guests to sit down at the table to pick up glasses and continue their meal.


    Compliments of compliments

    The facilitator offers everyone in turn( clockwise) to compliment the neighbor. You can say any pleasant words while the vocabulary of compliments does not run out.

    Please note! Compliments should not be repeated.

    The one who can not quickly pick up a word is eliminated from the game. The most ingenious and witty gets a prize.

    Decorate a Christmas tree

    Funny contest

    Each contestant with a knitted scarf or closed eyes becomes in the center of the room with a Christmas tree toy in his hand. Leading spins it several times around the axis, after which the participant goes in the direction where, in his opinion, is a Christmas tree, to hang a toy on her twig.

    Please note! You can not exit from the selected direction.

    If a participant does not go to the Christmas tree, he must put on a toy for what he groped or faced. All contestants waiting for their turn can be distributed around the room in order to create additional obstacles for the participant. The winner is the one who will manage to hang a New Year's toy on the Christmas tree. The host solemnly presents the prize to the winner and offers to raise the glasses.

    Duet competition

    Musical competition

    The presenter proposes to the friends to create two duets. Formed duets are distributed sheets with texts of any famous songs. The duets take turns in performing the work proposed by him, after which a vote is taken. The host announces the first duet - applause sounds, then the second - again applause. In the end, the duet wins, which is clapped more loudly. Prizes are awarded.

    Hold snowflake

    Snowflake from cotton wool

    The presenter brings in a tray with cotton balls resembling a snowflake, and invites friends to participate in a lively and fun contest. At the signal, all participants throw up a snowflake and start blowing on a lump from below so that it constantly hovers in the air like a snowflake. The main task is not to let the snowflake fall. Whose snowflake will last the longest in the air - that's the winner!

    Treasured phrase

    Competition with sweets

    The presenter suggests choosing two sweethearts. Participants are given the same number of caramels( preferably more).The essence of the game: the participants in the game take turns extracting the caramel from the wrapper, putting it in their mouths and pronouncing the treasured phrase: "thick-cheeked lips".One caramel, the second, the third. .. with a hammered mouth to pronounce the phrase becomes more difficult. The participant who the last has said treasured words wins.

    The next year is considered a horoscope year of Goats.

    Please note! Have fun on New Year's Eve as much as possible and with all your heart.

    Remember that the mistress of the next year just adores festivities and fun!