Signs for the New Year 2015 - the omen of the New Year 2015

  • Signs for the New Year 2015 - the omen of the New Year 2015

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    New Year's - a fabulous, beloved holiday, it was surprisingly intertwined: a wonderful aroma of pine needles and a magic battle of chimes, a superbly served table and elegant guests, gaily turning into carefree children and playing with pleasure in any fun. Even the most practical and rational people, having rejected their skepticism, study the signs for the New Year 2015, expecting that it will be successful, kind and happy.

    Year of the Emerald Wooden Goat

    Goat is the symbol of the year 2015

    Mood of the mistress of the year 2015 - Blue-Green Goat( or Sheep) promises many surprises. The goat is unpredictable: it is voracious and at the same time peaceful, sentimental and aggressive, practical and lazy.

    Please note! As with any lady, you can always get along with Koza, catering to her in small things.

    To deal with the Wooden Goat is easy, given its features.

    To find the best solutions in life, you will be helped by the signs of the next year, which you can peek in advance of the magical holiday. Truthfulness will be accepted by psychologists by the fact that, having learned about something good, a person internally programs himself, and luck does not make him wait. However, not all New Year's miracles can be explained scientifically. Some of them amaze our imagination and at the same time really exist, although they have a mystical origin.

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    Many famous New Year's signs attract love, luck and material prosperity. But there are also a number of warning signs, which you must always pay attention to.

    Signs of luck and prosperity

    New Year with friends

    The most famous sign of any New Year's holiday is the statement "how to meet the New Year, so all 365 days and spend it."

    Please note! So it's so important to celebrate 2015 The Year of the Wooden Goat is fun, in a friendly mood, beautifully, in a friendly company with relatives or just close people.

    Such a meeting of the New Year will provide personal and family well-being for the whole year. There are many other signs:

    • Before the New Year celebration, you must forgive anyone who accidentally or intentionally offended you in the passing year, as well as asking for forgiveness from those with whom they once quarreled. Resentment and guilt are bad companions of the coming year.
    Denomination in the pocket
    • Put on this holiday new clothes - all year to walk in beautiful new clothes. You also need to provide in your outfit the presence of pockets and in one of them put a brand new large bill. If within a year you do not change it, then you will be accompanied by well-being in money matters.
    • Before December 31, it was decided to bathe in a bath and some still keep this tradition. By the signs, after this procedure, you will enter the New Year updated and happy. If this is not possible, then you can take a good swim and wash your hair. We start the same way with new underwear, clothes, and finish with the finishing touch of the New Year's image - new shoes.
    • Salt and loaf on the table - to material prosperity.
    • Sneezing in the New Year - to well-being and happiness.
    • It is customary for a brownie to leave a piece of all the goodies from the festive table. Folded on a small saucer, and after a feast they give this food to pets, since it is forbidden to throw it away.
    • The last glass, drunk on New Year's Eve brings good luck.
    New Year's table
    • The abundance of food and drinks on the New Year's table means that next year the owners will have a "house - a full cup".
    • After the battle of the chimes you will be visited by a cheerful, rich and healthy person - fortunately, a grumpy neighbor or a cunning relative - to undesirable offenses.
    • If you do not have the opportunity to change furniture, refresh the overall appearance of the room with a new tablecloth, napkins, bedspreads and rugs. The goat does not intend to put up with poverty. This you please the totem animal and program yourself to riches and renewal.
    Christmas tree from the bills
    • The Year of the Blue Sheep or Goat will be generous if you decorate the Christmas tree, except for toys, with cash bills. This ritual will attract to you that currency, which you will not regret for decorating a green tree. Usually they hang a lot of bills of any value, and then the whole year they keep the largest one, not exchanging it.
    Venik - amulet
    • Special attention was paid in the old days to a home wreath - a broom. Sweeping them all the bad things out of the house, the owners, along with the garbage, got rid of quarrels, their own bad thoughts and bad wishes of strangers. And every year the broom was changed, the old ones were discarded, and the new one was decorated with a red ribbon and put in the kitchen in the corner, with the handle down, and the panicle up. Today, this ritual often has a symbolic meaning.
    • On the first day of the New Year, you need to put a cross( or a gold ornament) in the water for washing, and then rinse this face with water. And then happiness and health will be guaranteed by this sign next year.
    • If you get to clean in the morning of January 1 with pure snow, then illnesses and troubles will recede from you, not annoying the whole year.
    Gifts for the New Year
    • If you have to meet the New Year 2015 not on your territory, then, going on a visit, do not stint on gifts. The goat is benevolent to generous people.

    Warning New Year Signs

    Warning Signs

    The blue color of the totem animal of the coming year - Goats or Sheep - means peace and tranquility.

    Please note! All signs for the New Year of 2015 prescribe caution not only in actions, but also in thoughts.
    • If a warm company of close relatives or friends is greeted at the New Year's table, then it is no longer worth scolding, shouting or swearing in any environment - "frightening off" the New Year in this way, you risk losing family protection without the patronage of Good Luck.
    • You can not erase, take out garbage in the New Year - thus you get rid of well-being in the family.
    • It is impossible to pay debts or borrow money on the last day of the year( pay attention also to credit cards!) If it is necessary to do it for acute necessity( a matter of life and health), then reception "from hand to hand" is forbidden. The banknotes can be put on the table or transferred to them, wrapped in paper or an envelope.
    • Empty( or leaky) pockets in the New Year - to poverty.
    • If on the first day of the coming year you have to do hard work, then all year you will "plow" without rest.
    • If the broken Christmas tree toys foreshadow the receipt of unexpected money, and plates or cups - an invitation to the wedding, beware of breaking glasses, as this sign threatens a family scandal.

    Signs for girls

    • Break New Year's dress - to a passionate, unforgettable,( but perhaps) fleeting novel!
    • Have you been scraped with wine? A sign presages suffering.
    • Dirty dress? It does not matter, it's for money. But beware of gossips and envious people - they can prevent a happy coincidence.
    Please note! These actions, of course, must be accidental, as intentionality destroys the very meaning of the signs - their surprise.

    From accepting for 2015, the only one will be unique - great luck awaits those who accidentally wake up the battle of the chiming clock! The mischievous and lazy person The goat, the symbol of the year, in this case will give you its special favor!