How to celebrate the New Year Orthodox - how to celebrate the church new year

  • How to celebrate the New Year Orthodox - how to celebrate the church new year

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    The approach of the New Year is a joyful and at the same time very exciting event for everyone. Orthodox believers are also waiting for this day, preparing for it. If, according to the Eastern calendar, the image of each year is associated with a particular animal, then the Orthodox position is one - you can not humiliate the image of God before the beast or bird.

    Many believers ask the question - how to celebrate the New Year properly Orthodox? What traditions should be observed, and which ones to abandon at all. Many are worried about how to celebrate the New Year in the Christmas period.

    Studying the original sources of

    Christmas or New Year

    Turning to the "Rules" of the Orthodox Church, you can find out that the celebration is strictly prohibited. In the apostolic writings it is said that one should act, first of all, by attesting one's own mind.

    In fact, there is an opportunity to combine for years the established tradition of visiting relatives for the New Year holidays and the correct implementation of the postal regulations.

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    Sometimes you can meet the offer to postpone the date of Christmas. But by and large there is no sense in this. On January, 7th or on December, 25th on an old style - orthodox Christmas. There is an opinion that the New Year is a failed parody of the Nativity of Christ. There are a number of theories on which this holiday refers to pagan, non-Orthodox.

    But it would be wrong to reject such a large and, moreover, a popular holiday. If from childhood to inspire the child that the New Year is not a day that deserves much attention, most likely in adulthood, he will simply turn away from the Church and Orthodoxy. Therefore, parents who observe all Orthodox traditions should give the child a choice. In this case, the rule is well applied - "what is beyond measure - then from the evil one".

    Drinking alcohol on New Year's holidays

    Alcohol in the New Year

    Recently, the celebration of the New Year is associated with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. In stores there is an increased demand for alcohol, and to meet at the beginning of the day a drunken person these days - is also not uncommon. Of course, such a model of behavior does not contribute to moral education and the formation of personality.

    Just a ban on excessive drinking will not solve this problem. Here you should add another method - explanations and interpretations.

    Why and for what to observe the post

    Observance of the post

    Perhaps the main meaning of the post is the memory that we all go before God. If a person eats something fast, this will not be the greatest sin. Much worse show their frown, it is indicative to observe the prohibitions and the desire to make of the personality of a righteous observer, condemning all those who meet the New Year on a grand scale. The most important thing is not to do yourself, but to serve others.

    If from childhood the child feels incomplete due to the fact that parents strictly observe all orthodox traditions, in particular deprive them of New Year's holidays, it is unlikely that in the future he will want to regularly attend the Church on his own.

    Christmas fasting is necessary for personal salvation. But he will become so only when he brings joy and light, and not grief and bitterness. How can we combine New Year celebrations with the expectation of a bright Christmas holiday?

    Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas

    We remember the most important attribute of the New Year - Grandfather Frost, who brings gifts to all. The image of Grandfather is written off from Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, who makes the necessary gifts to everyone asking. Christmas tree garlands remind of the Star of Bethlehem, which lit on the eve of Christmas. The dance under the firs is associated with angelic singing. There are a lot of such parallels.

    If the celebration of the New Year brings joy to people, it is permissible within reasonable limits. The main thing that everything was in moderation. It is better to stick to the middle. The holiday itself is not a sin. The whole point is how to celebrate. If you pray at the beginning of the New Year's Eve, at midnight you can sip a glass of champagne, and then eat a little. The Lord will necessarily rejoice, for he will see happiness and a smile on joyful faces.

    At the New Year's celebration, you can not say an ordinary toast, but read an excerpt from the scriptures. It will be a truly Orthodox celebration of the New Year.

    So it turns out, but to fall asleep on New Year's Eve at usual time is almost impossible because of the noise around. Therefore, Orthodox can also get together and talk at a fast table. In the New Year, it's time to take stock, build plans for the future.

    New Year is not a church holiday, but this does not mean that it can not be filled with spiritual meaning. Some Orthodox are just limited to New Year's moleben - and this is also correct.

    No matter how Orthodox New Year was celebrated, the main thing to remember is that all actions must come from a pure heart.