• Wedding hairstyles for long hair: photo of 2016 with a veil

    Long, strong and well-groomed hair is the dream of every girl and woman. But especially lucky owners of long hair when choosing a wedding hairstyle - after all, from a long hair a talented master can really create a masterpiece! At once I would like to draw your attention to wedding hairstyles for long hair, a photo of 2016( with a veil and without it) which are given below.

    Fashion in this season

    Fashion retro hairstyles are becoming fashionable again, but they are not inferior to the already familiar curls and small curls in terms of polarity. In general, wedding hairstyles 2016 for long hair amaze with its diversity and magnificence. When choosing a wedding hairstyle, the hair structure is important. So, for example, if the bride's hair is tough, then weave and braids will look the best way on such hair. Usually, these hairstyles are decorated with a two or three-layer veil. A unique image will help to create a veil, the length of which reaches the finger tips of the bride.

    Choosing a wedding hairstyle for weak hair

    But if your hair is damaged, then in this case the hairdo should not abound with decorative elements. It is best to choose a hairstyle, where soft curls will be present. And the best decoration is a single-layered air veil, long in the floor. Not many brides decide to decorate themselves with such a veil, but it is this veil that looks very refined and elegant.


    Topical wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil - this is a haircut - a bow. The bang of the bride's hair can be one and large, and if this option seems boring to you, you can ask the master, and he will make a few small "bows".

    Loose hair with a veil

    Also interesting and just loose hair, decorated with a veil. At the request of the bride, the adornment for the hair that is loose can serve not as a large ornamental flower.

    Interesting wedding hairstyles for long hair, photos of 2016 which are presented in the compilation below, will help you to decide on the choice.

    In case you are not a fan of fancy hairstyles, then you can use the option - just elegant styling and veil. A professional master will cope with such a task easily.

    Hairstyles with a bang

    Special attention to long-haired ladies should be given to the bangs. Many women who have already passed through the wedding celebration are recommended to brides who want to complement their wedding image with a bang, to pick several options at once, in order to try to implement them together with the master, and to determine which option is ideal for her.

    In this photo will help you, which are listed below.

    If you liked a certain photo with a bang, but you do not have the desire to change the habitual haircut because of this, you can use a correctly pulled out and stuck hair lock to celebrate the bangs.

    Beautiful with a bang and veil will look like a bride's hair, made in the Greek style. If you want to use a bundle as a variant( no matter how it is located, closer to the back of the head or beveled on one side), then any bangs are appropriate. However, no matter what version of the bangs were chosen, the bride's attention should be focused on the following: low fragile girls will look, at least strangely, with a thick and straight bang. This kind of bangs fit only large and tall girls. To fragile same ladies, on the contrary, it is better to choose a bang with translucent light strands, with elements of asymmetry.

    In conclusion, I would like to add that the hairdos with the fato, the photos of which are given in this article, will help you decide on the choice in favor of this or that option and become the most compelling bride! Enjoy your preparation for the celebration.

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