Scenarios of the New Year 2014 - sketches for the New Year 2014

  • Scenarios of the New Year 2014 - sketches for the New Year 2014

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    The patron of the upcoming New Year 2014 is the Blue Wooden Horse. So, what to expect, what to prepare for, and most importantly, how to properly meet the coming year, so that it brings happiness and luck? The horse has a capricious and proud character, so its year will be filled with a lot of difficulties and surprises. Having carefully thought over the scenario for the year of the Blue Wooden Horse, you will be able to experience amazing turns of fate and new career opportunities in the future.

    To achieve new heights, one desire is not enough, you will have to work hard and hard on your way to your goals, since a hardworking horse is not supportive of lazy people. The period of patronage of this animal will last from January 31, 2014 to February 18, 2015.

    Coming 12 months will bring full, full chances that can change your whole life, the main thing is not to miss them. And children born at this time will undoubtedly be extraordinary personalities. Try to open up to others and prepare yourself for unexpected turns of fate.

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    Events for the New Year's 2014 in the style of the

    Horse New Year's party for the

    script In order for the festive events to leave you and your guests with exceptionally positive memories, you need to prepare yourself in advance and think out all the smallest details, including the suitable setting and script.

    It is desirable to meet a Horse in a crowded public place, having gathered a large friendly company. It's worth spending several hours at some concert or in a club.

    However, in the home environment, you can gather your closest friends, have a party with dancing, music and firecrackers, and then all together go to the central tree. Do not forget about funny jokes - the horse likes to laugh.

    Script development

    We come up with the New Year scenario

    We need to come up with a scenario with a lot of contests, games and entertainment. Be sure to invite or select among your guests Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, having held a competition between the present. Proceeding from this, think up such a scenario of the New Year 2014, which will give a sea of ​​positive and fun.

    Suitable contests:

    1. You can start the celebration with old and proven games - forfeits. The main condition is the original and funny tasks: to sing a national song of the Chukchi, to depict an elegant Christmas tree, using only facial expressions, to tell an unusual verse to Santa Claus and the like. Everything is limited only by the flight of your imagination. The more unusual the tasks, the more fun the atmosphere will be.
    2. Come up with funny jokes that everyone can like without exception. For example, you can meet guests not in a festive outfit, but in pajamas and a sleeping cap.
    3. A party in Hollywood style An equally interesting scenario can be the interpretation of the holiday for an evening reception in the Hollywood style. However, for this you will need to notify all guests in advance that they will act as stars, therefore, and the outfits must be appropriate. Do not go into the details of the scenario, leaving the effect of surprise. Take care of the scenery, the organization of a buffet table and waiters, which can be guests in the same costumes. Celebration begins with the communication of your stars at a common table, which will tune them to the right wave.

    For greater realism, distribute the roles beforehand so that they can think through their image and choose suitable suits that are specific for their celebrity. After midnight, each guest will demonstrate their talents, which distinguishes the chosen image.

    Color scheme and accessories for the New Year's decoration of the apartment

    Christmas toys - horses

    Souvenir horseshoe

    Symbols of the coming year will be horseshoes and bells, so do not forget to decorate the entrance to your house with one of these items. In addition, the horseshoe has long been associated with happiness and success.

    When you come up with ideas for decorating an apartment, remember that 2014 is the year of the Blue Wooden Horse, so it is advisable to choose wooden utensils, napkins from bamboo and so on for the festive table. The main thing is that all materials are natural. If you have pictures or dishes with horses, do not forget to place them in the room where the celebration is planned.

    Blue horse

    The main beauty of the evening is a tree, so its decoration is just as important. Traditional decorations are Christmas toys, but the horse dictates its color scheme - blue and green, with silvery and pastel shades. Ideally, if you buy toys in the form of small horses and hang them on spruce.

    What clothes to choose for celebrating New Year's Eve

    Dress in style of the year Horses

    You will make an excellent choice of clothes if it is made of natural fabrics of noble saturated colors: blue, purple, green, turquoise or gray. Accessories should be with stones of similar shades. In order to achieve the favor of a wooden horse, stones such as emerald, topaz, sapphire, turquoise, and, moreover, they will perfectly complement your holiday image. If you want to look simpler, take a look at the wooden, leather or ethnic decorations. The main thing is that you do not have synthetic fabrics of acid color. The horse prefers exclusively natural pastel colors.

    As for the hairstyle: do not make different curls, just leave straight hair, braid them in beautiful braids with the addition of beads or ribbons. However, the best ponytail will be the famous horse tail.

    Natural makeup for the New Year

    Tons of cosmetics on the face will look inappropriate, the horse prefers harmonious natural colors.

    A strong half of humanity can choose any outfit, the main thing is that it is not too official. Even if you choose a jacket, you must add elements of negligence. If any scenes for the New Year 2014 or a carnival party are envisaged, you can choose the image of a cowboy, in which you will look quite appropriate.

    New Year's Eggs per year Wooden Blue Horse

    More vegetables and fruits

    Everyone knows that a horse is a herbivore. On the table should be a lot of varied and delicious dishes, which is quite enough for all visitors who came. To meet the coming year, a lot of food should be prepared, like never before.

    Given the preference in the food symbol of the previous 12 months, the festive table should have a lot of different greens, if not as ingredients of the dishes, then as an ornament. Do not forget about recipes containing fruits and vegetables, which horses love so much. Be sure to take care of the presence on the table of dishes from Chinese cuisine. If you do not have any cooking experience, just buy ready-made sushi.

    When choosing an alcohol, give up strong drinks. It is unlikely that the symbol of the year will be favorable to you if you fall asleep before the chimes begin.

    A horse on the New Year's table

    If you are an ardent lover of meat, you can vary the menu with several meat dishes, but in any case it will be better if the table is left with only vegetarian food. With the right selection of recipes, your table will be no less refined and satisfying than meat.

    You have already decorated your home, prepared a lot of dishes, chose the right outfit and made a luxurious hairstyle, it remains only to wait for family and friends, in the circle of which you will cross the threshold of the old year towards new changes.