Contests for the New Year 2016 for children - children's New Year's games

  • Contests for the New Year 2016 for children - children's New Year's games

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    It is customary for the New Year to gather together with the whole family, including all generations, from the oldest to the most tiny. For many, this is the only opportunity to communicate with family for the whole year, because very often members of one large family not only live far from each other, but also in different cities and even countries. Therefore, when so many people of different ages and interests gather at one table, it is necessary to think over the plan of the evening well. This is necessary primarily for younger family members who can quickly get bored without attention. Most adults quickly find a job, remembering the past or participating in the preparation for the feast. Children, especially those who are not familiar with each other, may become uninteresting.

    To prevent this from happening, special numerous contests for the New Year 2016 for children were invented. They will be appropriate both in a narrow family circle, and in noisy companies on matinees in a kindergarten, school or at home with one of the children.

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    Holiday for the youngest

    Santa Claus

    It's no secret that for kids, and for older children, the New Year is primarily associated with gifts, sweets and tangerines. Do so that all those participating in the competition receive small New Year gifts and all children will be happy. These can be small souvenirs, cards with the image of the Fiery Monkey, the symbol of the coming 2016, small chocolates, candies and fruits. You can very beautifully and elegantly pack gifts and decorate with funny bows.

    Please note! Children's competitions are always matched by age, because what attracts a toddler of a kindergarten age is not at all interesting to a teenager who thinks himself to be quite adult and independent.

    For competitions with the youngest children, a leader may be required. It is very good, if he or she will be dressed up as Santa Claus or Snow Maiden. If the competitions are held in a school or kindergarten, the leading ones can be hired from a professional agency.

    Note! Kids are interested in moving and noisy games and entertainment.

    They like to dance around the Christmas tree, sing songs and chant Santa Claus or Snow Maiden, who are late for the holiday or are in trouble. This moment can become one of the elements of the game. For example, the Snow Maiden tells the children that Santa Claus can not come to the party because his boots were missing. The purpose of the competition is the most witty advice to a kind grandfather, in which he can be educated. Children will shout their advice in vain, the winner will receive a delicious gift and will be able to enter the stage with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

    Games on air

    For very active and nimble kids can offer a game of snowballs. It is necessary to choose a soft and light ball, for example, from foam rubber, which can not be broken chandelier or dishes. As a basket you need to prepare several different containers, for example, a large box, a box, a bucket, a basin and, finally, a bowl the size of a little more than the ball itself. The winner will be the one who will most of all get into each of the tanks. In this game you will need a person who will keep records of the balls. Such a competition can appeal to older children, especially those who love sports.

    Contests and games for older children

    Snow Baba
    Pay attention! The most interesting contests for school-age children will be conducted outdoors.

    If there is good weather and a fresh crunchy snow, there is nothing better than an old good game of snowballs. She never gets bored and does not go out of fashion. Children are divided into two teams and begin to "shell" each other with small snowballs. Whoever gets a lump of snow, he is out of the game. The team that wins the most players wins. Here you will also need an observer from adults. He will watch that the snowballs are not thrown in the face of the enemy and do not mold them too dense.

    The second favorite activity of children at all times is to sculpt snowmen. In such a competition, you can set the goal of getting the most original snowman, for example, like a monkey, the mistress of the year. Best of all, if children work in groups or teams, it will rally them. The most interesting moment is the choice of the winner. The best snowman will be marked with a paper crown, a Christmas tree tinsel and the inscription "2016".

    Competitions for teens

    Games for teens
    Please note! For teenagers to come up with contests is a little more difficult, here you can play on their desire to stand out.

    The premises will be ideal for creative competitions. Invite the adolescents to compose the most unusual and interesting greeting of the Year of the Monkey in verse. Let each of them try to draw a symbol of the year as he imagines it.

    Common laughter and fun will trigger the "Guess the Monkey" competition. Each of the participants tries to portray some monkey, copying its appearance and stitches, while others at this time try to guess who it is: gorilla, gibbon, chimpanzee or macaque.

    There are many contests and games for children and teenagers, it is important to choose them so that they are of interest to all participants.

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