Where to spend the New Year 2016 - New Year's Eve

  • Where to spend the New Year 2016 - New Year's Eve

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    When choosing where to spend the New Year 2016, do not exclude the possibility of meeting a holiday somewhere in another country. Why not diversify your life with a bright and interesting journey?


    In Finland

    The most New Year's country, according to many tourists, is Finland. Most travel agencies, considering all the previous claims and wishes of tourists who complained about the lack of people on the streets of Finnish cities during the holidays, offer weekly tours. Such tours will be of interest to everyone regardless of age, because unlike the three-day tours, for a week you can visit water parks, attractions, with pleasure to go skiing, snowboarding and snowballs.

    Tourists with kids are invited to visit the very Santa Claus. Lapland will also appeal to their parents.

    Please note! Such tours are usually buses. The cost of living in Finland, if you buy a similar tour, from about two hundred dollars.


    Prague New Year's

    If you want to go to a fairy tale, Prague will be a great option. Those who have already been on the eve of New Year's holidays in the magical city, note that they did not have a more interesting New Year celebration. Plus, the beauty and accessibility of the city attracts many Russian tourists, and the local people speak excellent Russian.

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    In the New Year, residents of Prague and tourists go to the central square to dance at a local disco in the open air, fireworks and salutes, a lot of firecrackers.

    Please note! If you choose a New Year tour, it is recommended to pay attention to bus tours for the sake of economy, because air transport is now quite expensive. In addition, to buy a ticket between Christmas( Catholic) and the New Year is quite a problem. So the cost of the tour will cost about 350 dollars.

    St. Petersburg

    New Year on Palace Square

    If, unfortunately, you can not afford to celebrate a new year abroad, then you should not upset - go to Petersburg!

    The northern capital of our Great Power will please even sophisticated tourists. It is worthwhile to worry about buying a ticket in advance. In St. Petersburg you can visit the Palace Square, where on New Year's Eve traditionally there will be a festive concert. Here all the guests will gather and almost all of Peter. It will be very interesting.

    Country tourist centers

    At the

    tourist center Tour operators say that on the eve of the New Year, the demand for New Year tours is increasing, for example, in the Moscow region. The thing is that everyone can go to this wonderful place, even if you do not have a passport, and you can get to your destination on your own car. Rest on camp sites near Moscow can last 2-3 days. But you not only comfortably relax from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, but also save money.

    Sunny countries

    In Egypt

    Every year many tourists go to celebrate the New Year in warm countries. The most popular of these destinations was Egypt. This is really an excellent option for swimming in the sea. The sun will shine brightly, and the rest can be diversified by visiting local sights, which are abundant here.


    Long Herman

    We offer to celebrate the New Year in Estonia. The largest economic and cultural center of Estonia is Tallinn. This city was established only after the 10th century, thanks to the settlement of ancient Estonians engaged in farming and cattle breeding, as well as trade. Among the sights of Tallinn, a special place is occupied by Toompea, which is considered an original example of medieval architecture. On the territory of this complex is the castle with the same name, the history of its creation is dated 1219 year. Visiting this place is the direct duty of every tourist. The most interesting part of it is the tower called "Long Herman" of 46 meters in height. It is she who has been guarding urban tranquility for more than 500 years. Not far from the castle part of the Toompea complex, the gloomy gray walls of the Dome Church, built in the beginning of the 13th century, rise. Passing the above-mentioned attractions you can go down to the Town Hall Square with the only medieval town hall in the Baltics and a pharmacy, founded in 1442.These places immediately attract tourists who visited Tallinn during the New Year holidays.

    New York

    In the Times Square in the New Year

    And if you already have an open visa in the US, and also have a minimum of $ 1700 in stock, then go to New York. Mark the New Year in accordance with the best traditions, taking into account the pre-Christmas sales, noisy parties in the center and Christmas fairs. Of course, when choosing a country for the celebration of the New Year, keep in mind that there may be problems with obtaining a visa, because every day the queues in the consulates are increasing, and therefore it is recommended to think about its receipt and the choice of the tour in advance.