How to celebrate New Year 2015 on Feng Shui - New Year's Eve Feng Shui

  • How to celebrate New Year 2015 on Feng Shui - New Year's Eve Feng Shui

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    According to the European tradition, the countdown to the New Year begins, we begin with the clock bite just at twelve o'clock in the morning on the first of January. In contrast to the generally accepted New Year's Eve in the Gregorian calendar in Europe, in Asian countries it is believed that the next year, in this case the year of Goat, begins on February 19.But, despite this, the citizens of our country with great pleasure combine the European New Year celebration with the meeting of the Eastern New Year in the last December night. And such a European-Asian New Year cocktail does not seem special to anyone. Judge for yourself, hardly anyone will be embarrassed at the New Year's table by the neighborhood of traditional salads "Olivier" and "Herring under the fur coat" with dishes of oriental cuisine. For this reason, interest in the topic of how to celebrate the New Year 2015 in feng shui, in our country only grows. We hope that the advice of this article will help you to add oriental notes to the home meeting of the Year of the Wooden Goat, and to improve the energy of your home.

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    Festive decoration of the house

    Toy squirrel on the Christmas tree

    In the East, it is accepted that all the worries and troubles for decorating the house for the New Year are born by men, but the festive table is covered by their wives. The children are eagerly waiting for New Year's gifts.

    Oriental people sincerely believe that properly decorated home for the New Year can affect the change in energy for the better. Decorate the house is made in accordance with the animal symbol of the coming year. Therefore, first of all, place the figurines of the goat and other arboreal inhabitants( squirrel and birds) throughout the house.

    Bird on the Christmas tree
    Note! Positive energy enters the house through doors and windows. Be sure to clear her path, remove all obstacles on the way.

    Before the New Year, free the house of unnecessary and unnecessary things, do spring cleaning. Remember that by disposing of old things, you get rid of stagnant energy, negative and troubles.

    Choosing a place for a Christmas tree

    Without a doubt, the main decoration of the house is a fluffy elegant Christmas tree. Thanks to the Christmas tree, you change the flow of energy in your home. And from the place where you will place your coniferous beauty, its influence on the overall energy of the apartment depends:

    • Ideally, you should set the New Year tree in the center of the room - this arrangement will contribute to improving the health and well-being of all family members.
    • For families who wish to add a family, it is recommended to install a herringbone in the western part of the room.
    • The North-West sector should be chosen by those who need the support of relatives and friends, and also those who dream of numerous trips.
    • In the South of the room it is recommended to put a fluffy herringbone for everyone who wants to improve their reputation and gain wide recognition.
    • If it is very important for you to have a relationship with a loved one, arrange a Christmas tree decorated with toys and lights in the south-western part of the room.
    Use fir branches
    • The fir-tree established in the eastern sector will help to attract well-being and family happiness.
    • It is recommended that everyone who wants to accumulate as much wisdom and knowledge as possible be provided with a conifer beauty in the northeast part of the house.
    • If you really want to draw in your house several areas of positive energy, arrange the house in the right sectors of the bouquets of spruce branches.

    New Year in Chinese

    Following the centuries-old Chinese traditions, add to the cooked New Year gifts souvenir coins carefully wrapped in red paper. To the East, such coins are bestowed with the wishes of good health and growth of well-being.

    Chinese dumplings

    In addition to the usual festive dishes, decorate the New Year's table with Chinese jiaozi ravioli. Do not worry about such an exotic name for this appetizing dish, because it essentially is not different from the Siberian pelmeni we adore. The difference is only in the original triangular form of Chinese dumplings and also in the fact that the jiaozi are usually served under soy( garlic) sauce.

    Decoration with coins
    Please note! According to the canons of feng shui for the New Year, it is customary to dress up in solemn red robes. The Chinese have a particularly attractive red color.

    New Year in Japanese


    If you wish to organize a New Year's Eve in Japanese style, instead of jiaozi, give the guests a long vermicelli "soba"( symbol of longevity and wealth) to the festive table in a beautiful dish. Traditional components of the Japanese table:

    • rice loaves,
    • boiled rice,
    • braised beans - the eastern symbol of good health,
    • rolls and sushi,
    • all kinds of seafood.

    In addition to the above dishes, do not forget to serve a glass of exotic Japanese drink - sweet sake.

    And another tip at last. .. get to the New Year graceful bamboo rake. It's the rake! It's not a mistake. The fact is that in Japan, a rake is considered a talisman, so the Japanese keep their houses in case they suddenly blame happiness( in order to have something to rake).Of course, the Japanese rake is much more beautiful than the common in our region of their fellow farmers. Bamboo rakes are usually decorated with various intricate patterns and hieroglyphics.