• When problems arise during feeding

    During feeding, there may be various problems that young mothers often can not solve without outside advice. So, sometimes a woman notices that the milk is too dirty to bra and clothes, that is, milk is flowing from the nipples. This happens at the beginning of the feeding period, when the corresponding reflexes are not yet developed sufficiently. It can also be due to the weakness of the muscles that are responsible for closing the milk ducts. This can be helped, if 5-6 times a day to sprinkle on teats with cool water.

    Another common problem is that a young mother does not know if her baby has enough milk. If the baby actively sucks, the feeding lasts about 15 minutes, and you have enough milk, then the baby definitely has enough milk. If after feeding instead of falling asleep peaceful, your child begins to worry, cry, and there are no other reasons for his anxiety, then most likely he does not have enough milk that you can give him. What is to be done in this case? In no case should you refrain from breastfeeding, as this will lead to a complete halt in the production of milk. If milk is not enough, then it is necessary to put the baby to the breast often. This will provoke the secretion of milk. Half an hour before and immediately after feeding, drink 0.5 liters of warm coma-

    sweat or milk. Also, various broths of herbs help to form milk: nettle, yarrow, etc., and some medicines, but you can take them only after consulting a doctor. And be sure, after each feeding, do not forget to decant the remnants of milk. This is also a good stimulation of its synthesis.

    Another common problem: the baby refuses the breast. This may be due to the unpleasant taste of milk. If the milk is all right, then maybe your baby is just full or wants to sleep. In this case, leave it alone, and carry the feeding at the moment when the child wants to eat, you will easily understand this by crying and discontented behavior. Also, the cause of breast failure can be a disease of the newborn. If you notice any other signs indicating a possible kid's illness: fever, increased sweating, skin rashes, etc., immediately call your pediatrician.

    It happens that on the chest, despite care, painful cracks appear. They do not allow the baby to breast-feed, as any touch to the nipples causes severe pain. In this case, it is better not to torment yourself, and for 1-2 days to stop breastfeeding the baby by switching to breastfed milk from a spoon. And consult a doctor. At the end of this period, the breast condition usually improves to such an extent that it is possible for

    to resume feeding. At first it is only 2-3 times a day, but gradually the amount of feeding should be increased to the norm.