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    Unloading days for body cleansing: reviewsand the results of

    . The human body periodically needs rest, especially after long holidays and feasts.

    An excellent solution in this case are unloading days for cleansing the body, thanks to which you can not only lose a couple of extra pounds, but also to remove from the tissues accumulated liquid, harmful substances, significantly improve your well-being.

    Unloading day for body cleansing: benefit or harm ^

    The essence of unloading days is a cardinal change in the diet for just one day and the introduction of low-calorie and similar products. There are one-day diets that do not provide solid food in general, but are based only on the use of liquid.

    The benefits of carrying out unloadings to improve health are undeniable. First of all, it should be noted that the discharge days for cleaning from slags are used most often. As is known, these harmful substances pollute not only the intestine, but also other organs, which leads to deterioration of health, a decrease in the protective properties of the organism, premature aging, etc.

    Unloading days for cleansing the skin are also very effective, because slagging the body negatively affects the skin. After the discharge, small wrinkles, pimples and acne disappear, the complexion improves and a slight blush appears.

    One of the main properties of a purifying one-day mono-diet is the burning of extra kilograms. The essence of the unloading day for cleaning with excess weight consists in removing excess fluid from the tissues, improving the digestive organs, normalizing metabolic processes, saturation of the body with vitamins and other useful substances.

    To ensure that cleaning discharges only benefit, specialists recommend adhering to simple rules:

    • carry out a fasting day once a week for 1-2 months;
    • at the time of discharge, refuse to perform physical exercises;
    • take food often( at least 5 times a day), but in small portions;
    • drink enough water( minimum 1.5 liters per day);
    • in the intervals between the discharges to eat properly and exercise regularly to keep the result.

    Contraindications to carrying out discharges for purification are the presence of any chronic diseases that are in the stage of exacerbation, reduced immunity, as well as infectious ailments.

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    Unloading day for bowel cleansing: popular recipes, menu ^

    Unloading days for body cleansing: popular recipes

    Unloading day for cleansing the body on water

    For this type of discharge, you need about 3 liters of water a day. Experts recommend drinking a glass of liquid at intervals of 40 -45 minutes.

    This method of cleansing and losing weight is quite tough, as not everyone can limit their daily diet with water. To combat the sensation of hunger, you need to do things, for example, work, listening to your favorite music or walking in the fresh air.

    Unloading day for bowel cleansing on porridges

    Porridges are light and low-calorie, but nutritious food. The use of such cereals as oatmeal, buckwheat or rice for reliefs helps the body to rest from the abundance of food that is part of the usual daily diet.

    • It is necessary to prepare a glass of cereals without adding oil or salt and divide the porridge into 5-6 equal portions, which must be eaten throughout the day.
    • In addition to water, you can drink unsweetened green tea or a decoction of rose hips.

    Unloading day for bowel cleansing on


    The method of cleansing based on vegetable and fruit juices is very effective.

    • The optimum amount of drink you need to drink per day is 2 liters.
    • You can prepare a vegetable cocktail for a very simple recipe: take one cucumber, two tomatoes and a bunch of dill, put the ingredients in a blender and make them a homogeneous mass.

    Unloading day for bowel cleansing on kefir

    Kefir unloadings are the most popular due to the beneficial properties of this sour-milk beverage. Kefir helps to regulate the digestive system, speeds up the metabolism, promotes the removal of toxins and toxins from tissues.

    • For effective cleaning, you need 1.5-2 liters of fat-free kefir, which you need to drink during the day.
    • If you feel strong hunger, you can eat a small green apple, orange or cucumber.

    Unloading day for bowel cleansing with salad Brush

    Salad Brush is easy to prepare, but very useful dish, which is often used for cleaning days.

    • It is prepared according to this recipe: one should chop ΒΌ cabbage heads, one small beet, a bunch of greens and grate medium-sized carrots on a large grater, mix the ingredients and season them with lemon juice and olive oil.
    • Prepared salad should be divided into five equal parts and eat it every 3-4 hours.

    Unloading day for bowel cleansing on apples

    The use of apples for the purification of the body is due to their unique chemical composition, namely the content of vitamins B, C, P, E, iron, potassium, fiber, organic acids and the like.

    • To clean the intestines from harmful substances you will need to take 1.5 kg of apples, one third of which bake in the oven.
    • All fruits need to be eaten during the day, evenly distributed.

    Unloading day for cleaning the intestines with bran

    Bran just fine with the task of cleansing the body, as getting into the stomach, they absorb all harmful substances and take them out.

    • For such a cleansing option, you need 1.2 liters of kefir with a low percentage of fat and 6 tablespoons.bran.
    • Sour milk beverage should be divided into 6 equal parts and drink it every 3 hours, adding a spoonful of bran.

    Unloading day for skin cleansing

    • To improve the condition of the skin and its effective cleansing, it is possible to carry out unloading on cucumbers. For a day you need to eat up to two kilograms of a vegetable.

    This method of purification should be abandoned to people suffering from kidney disease, metabolic disorders, as well as those who have a tendency to edema.

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    Unloading day for cleaning the body of toxins: reviews, results, real stories of losing weight ^

    The results of discharge days for cleaning the intestines will depend, first of all, on the individual characteristics of the body. In any case, regardless of the chosen treatment option, one can feel an increase in the level of energy, vitality and lightness in the whole body after one day of unloading.

    On the Internet, you can find only rave reviews about the unloading day for the purification of the body. They confirm the safety and effectiveness of this method of cleaning the intestine. Here are some responses from our regular readers sent to the editorial office:

    Xenia, 23:

    "Regularly, namely once a week I spend unloading days on kefir. In just a month, I noticed an improvement in the digestive system, and even lost 3 kg. "

    Anna, 25 years old:

    "I recently noticed that many pimples appeared on my face. The doctor-dermatologist advised to cleanse the body with a one-day mono-diet. Unloading days on cucumbers I spent every 7 days for a month. Now I do not remember what pimples are anymore. "

    Christina, 31:

    "For me, apple unloading is the most effective and enjoyable way to cleanse the intestines after a feast. In just one day I lose 1-2 extra pounds and I feel an unprecedented ease in the whole body. "