• Sexual maturity comes at different ages.

    We talked about the average girl, but only a few girls are subject to the average schedule. Very many start this period of development much earlier or much later. A girl who begins to develop at eight or nine years old naturally feels uncomfortable in the classroom when it turns out that she alone is growing rapidly and acquiring a female figure. Such a test is painful for anyone who starts to develop early. Of course, much depends on how well the girl was adjusted earlier and how much she wants to grow up faster. A girl who has a good relationship with her mother and who wants to be like her will be happy when she sees that she is growing, even if she is ahead of her classmates. On the other hand, a girl who is outraged that she was not born a boy - for example, because of jealousy towards her brother - or the one who is afraid to grow up, of course, will be alarmed or outraged by the first signs of her femininity.

    A girl with a slow development schedule will be alarmed. A thirteen-year-old girl, whose ripening process has not yet begun, sees that virtually all of her classmates are growing rapidly and turning into women. And she is still in a period of slow development, which precedes sexual spurt. And accordingly feels like an underdeveloped dwarf. She thinks that something is wrong with her. It needs to be reassured, to assure that the increase in growth and the change in figure will come as inevitably as the sunrise is inevitable. If her mother and other relatives also developed late, she needs to be told about this in order of explanation. She can promise that, when she starts to develop, she will also grow annually by many centimeters.

    There are other variations, besides the age at which ripening begins. In some girls, pubic hair grows several months before the onset of breast development. Sometimes at first the hair grows under the armpits and other late signs appear earlier than the early ones. The period between the appearance of the first signs of puberty and the first menstruation is usually two years, but for girls who start to ripen early, it can be shorter, sometimes even less than a year and a half. On the other hand, in girls who begin to develop later than usual, this period is often longer;such a girl needs more than two years to wait for the first menstruation. This is quite common and should not cause any alarm. In those who develop earlier, the breasts will be more than normal during the entire puberty period.