• English diet

    The main principle of the diet is the accurate distribution of calories by time of day. The most caloric intake of food should be dinner, and breakfast, on the contrary, should be easy.
    The duration of the English diet is 1 week. Weight loss - up to 3 kg.
    For each meal there are several options for a set of dishes, from which you can choose one or the other to your taste.

    For breakfast, you can eat 200 kilocalories.

    Variant No. 1
    Scrambled eggs from one egg, bread toast with bran and half a glass of orange juice.

    Variant No. 2
    One hard-boiled egg, biscuit from black bread and apple juice.

    Variant No. 3
    Oatmeal with raisins and a glass of low-fat milk. You can also drink half a glass of any fruit juice of your choice.

    Variant No. 4
    Porridge of grain, cooked on low-fat milk, a cup of unsweetened tea and an apple.

    Option number 5
    Portion of salad from fruits( apple, pear, orange), half a cup of yogurt.

    Caloric value of lunch is 300 kilocalories.

    Option No. 1
    One baked potato in the oven, a salad of fresh vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese, a pear, an apple or an orange.

    Option № 2
    Postal soup, bun with bran and brynza, an apple or a pear to choose from.

    Variant No. 3
    Boiled beans, a couple of toasts from bread with bran, an apple or an orange to choose from. Scrambled eggs with cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes, apple. The calorie dinner is presented by 500 kilocalories.


    Option No. 1
    Stewed with onion beans, apple or orange to choose from.

    Option No. 2
    Vegetarian soup, bran bun with brynza and dried apricots( 50 g).

    Variant № 3
    Salad from fresh carrots and cabbage, boiled potatoes, 2 cups of low-fat kefir.

    This twenty-day diet, divided into dyads, is relatively easy to transfer, except for the first two "hungry" days. During the diet, you can not drink wine, beer, lemonade, etc. Also excluded are sugar, sweets, cookies, white bread, potatoes, pasta. Be sure to take two or three polyvitamin per day.

    For the whole day, one or two liters of milk or kefir, a glass of tomato juice, two pieces of black bread.

    8 - 9 h: a glass of coffee with milk, a half teaspoon of butter, a half teaspoon of honey, a piece of black bread.
    12 - 13 h: a glass of meat or fish broth, 100 g of boiled meat or fish, a piece of black bread.
    16 - 17 h: a glass of milk or tea, a half teaspoon of honey.
    19 - 20 h: 100 g boiled meat or fish or two eggs and 50 grams of cheese, a glass of yogurt and a piece of black bread.

    8 - 9 h: two apples or an orange.
    12 - 13 h: vegetable soup without meat and sour cream, vinaigrette without potatoes or carrot patties or carrot pepper stuffed with carrots.
    16 - 17 h: two apples or an orange.
    19 - 20 h: vegetable salad( cabbage, beetroot, carrot).

    English dieticians believe that in 20 days you can get rid of 12 - 15 pounds of excess weight.
    After the end of the diet, you can eat everything, but moderately, remembering that it is always easier to gain kilos than to get rid of them.