• Forms of focal gastritis and treatment methods

    Modern lifestyle dictates us to get up early, drink a cup of coffee, then instead of lunch quickly snack in a cafe, and after work, finally, have supper.
    Nothing that is late, because for a whole day so ran. .. Such a way of life sooner or later will have an impact on the work of the stomach. Focal gastritis is one of the manifestations of acute gastritis, and is characterized by the appearance of foci of inflammation on the mucous membrane. They can be of different shapes, sizes and are in different stages of the course of the disease.

    Symptoms and signs of focal disease

    The most common gastritis appears due to stress, an unregulated diet, abuse of harmful habits. The main symptoms that begin to bother the patient are heartburn, epigastric pain, sometimes nausea and vomiting.

    But in some cases, focal gastritis can not manifest itself for a long time, that is, the symptoms may not be expressed, or manifest one at a time. Such symptoms lead to the fact that the patient does not pay attention to the "erased" symptoms and late calls to the doctor when the disease covers the entire surface of the mucosa.

    Forms of focal gastritis

    The concept of "focal gastritis" can be defined as the main one. But there are a lot of forms, and each depends on the degree and depth of lesions of the mucosa, the localization of inflammation foci, the stage of the disease, and also on the secretory function of the glands of the stomach. One form is the antral form of this disease, which is characterized by the appearance of foci of inflammation in the antrum of the stomach. To the causes that can cause this disease, you can add the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and therefore this form is also called "Helicobacter".

    Symptoms of the disease are the same - pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, can become attached to a disorder of stool. Antral gastritis can begin with a superficial gastritis of the focal and pass through all stages of the disease - hypertrophic, granular and atrophic. With a superficial form, the symptoms are less pronounced and increase with the stage and depth of mucosal lesions.

    In focal atrophic antral gastritis, there is a partial disruption of the absorption and digestion of food, as atrophy of glands producing hydrochloric acid and pepsin occurs. The load falls at the same time on other organs that are involved in digestion - the small and large intestine, pancreas, liver, duodenum, gall bladder. Diseases such as dysbacteriosis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastroduodenitis, and anemia can also develop.

    In case of neglected cases, the acute form of the disease can become chronic, and chronic focal atrophic gastritis develops. In this case, the symptoms are increasing, sharply exacerbated in the autumn-spring periods, and the patient is treated in a hospital. Atrophic form can also go into peptic ulcer.

    Treatment of the disease

    Treatment of the disease with focal gastritis is selected taking into account the patient's complaints, the degree of digestive dysfunction, and also is based on the data of a gastroscopic examination. It is necessary to take into account the causative factor in the treatment, that is, first of all, eliminate the causes of the disease.

    When Helicobacter pylori is detected, several courses of antibiotic therapy are prescribed, for example in the treatment of antral focal gastritis. It is necessary to start eating in a healthy lifestyle, reduce the number of stressful situations, limit the intake of alcohol, and give up cigarettes.

    The general methods of treatment are the choice of drugs that envelop the gastric mucosa and protect it, restoring and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is necessary to comply with the diet, including in it sparing food.

    Sanatorium treatment is prescribed for rehabilitation. Independently, the disease can not be treated, it can lead to further complications. Separate conversation deserves treatment of focal atrophic form, since any form of atrophic lesion of the mucosa can be considered a precancerous disease, even focal.

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