Festive table for the New Year 2014 - decorate the table for the New Year

  • Festive table for the New Year 2014 - decorate the table for the New Year

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    The traditional meeting of a special holiday, unlike any other - a magical New Year, begins with the decoration of the interior. Garlands, Christmas toys, shiny tinsel hangs on the mistress of the New Year's celebration - a beautiful Christmas tree. In all rooms statuettes of the mascot of the year on the eastern calendar - Blue or Green Wooden Horse( Emerald Horse) are put. The walls are decorated with New Year's hand-made articles from bright, radiant materials, creating a magnificent mood, connected with the expectation of miracles.

    In order for the New Year's interior to play all the shades of the rainbow, it is necessary to decorate the festive table for the New Year 2014.

    The usual banquet menu or a charming rich table with original and tasty dishes? A luxurious New Year's table with exquisite dishes will help not only to the glory to treat all guests, but it is a matter of prestige of any mistress.

    How to decorate the table for the New Year's celebration

    The uniform style of serving the festive table is harmonious and beautiful. The color scale can be chosen any, according to your preferences: white or red, blue or green( for the sake of the mistress of the coming year), silvery or golden. In China, for example, a red and golden tablecloth is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and white, on the contrary, means mourning. Especially they like in the Celestial Empire golden ornaments or inscriptions on a red background.

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    In the same range, traditional tables were also laid in Europe: in royal or merchant houses-palaces. Such tablecloths made the tables very elegant, not for nothing that there was the expression "red", that is, a beautiful girl or a ceremonial table decoration. Sometimes some mistresses try not to overload the servings with red color, leaving only elegant ribbons, bandaging the legs of wine glasses or coniferous bouquets, candles, napkins.

    Our compatriots with great trepidation refer to snow-white tablecloths, white porcelain and boiled napkins, in a mix with Christmas balls, sprinkled with artificial "snow" and "ice" transparent crystal. This decoration of the New Year's table recalls the winter landscape.

    How to decorate the festive table

    How to decorate the New Year's table

    The serving of the New Year's table looks great with glasses with golden rimmed edges, compositions from high festive candles with sparkling Christmas balls and coniferous twigs. They will cheer up the guests and hosts of the New Year's celebration with golden or silver ribbons, wrapping wine glasses and bottles of champagne. With the help of sparkling tinsel, you can decorate the sprigs of needles or divide the space of the New Year's table into comfortable and beautiful areas. These details can give the atmosphere a festive, solemn look and pay tribute to the symbol of family prosperity.

    You can choose European colors of shades for serving: green-gold or popular white-blue-silver. They also look majestic and solemn, but it is important to adhere to these colors, even in the smallest detail.

    How to choose a tablecloth

    Serving in blue tones

    Tablecloth is the main visual detail of the decor. It must certainly cover the whole space of the table, hanging by a couple of dozen centimeters from its edge.

    Traditional white linen tablecloth can be added over a linen cloth, but with a contrasting color( scarlet or blue, green or dark purple).Shiny snowflakes from foil or paper flowers can be fixed on a dark background.

    Recently, a photo collage, a pattern of snowflakes or golden confetti, placed under a glass on a tablecloth, is becoming popular.


    Correct table setting

    A luxurious table prepared for the New Year's celebration is inconceivable without a service. Every guest or close family member must have several plates. Before the participant of a festive meal put a small table canteen, on top of it you need to put a snack bar, and on the side on the left side - a pie. To the right of the guest put the knife with the sharpened edge of the blade to the plate, to the left of it - the fork with the concave surface facing upwards. Between each two devices it is desirable to put one additional saltcellar.

    From left to right in a semicircle before a plate put glasses and glasses as their volume decreases. The first should be a glass for soft drinks, then - a wine glass for champagne, a transparent glass for wine and complete the composition of a glass for strong alcohol: cognac, vodka or liquor.

    In the center of the table, a vase of fresh fruit and spice kits are usually placed. Dishes with cold appetizers are placed closer to the central part of the table. On the middle line, closer to the center of the table in different places are exhibited "joy drinks": wines, liqueurs and others.

    What else can you "revive" the festive table

    Liven up the New Year's table

    Surprisingly well decorate the New Year's table with such simple elements of serving as elegant starched napkins. You can put them under cutlery or roll them up with a straw and decorate them with a rain or satin ribbon. Beautifully look small Christmas toys, tied with ribbon or New Year's tinsel to napkins. Solemnly look napkins folded in the form of New Year's candles.

    • By the way, what is the New Year's table without the most important attribute - candles? !We purchase decorative candles in advance. And you can usually spiral wrapped in strips of foil or serpentine, giving them a New Year's entourage. Some housewives cover the candles with gouache and sprinkle them with colorful crumbs of Christmas decorations. Solemnly look tall candles or a vessel of glass with cold water and floating candles-tablets, strewn with golden confetti.
    • Relive the New Year's table with compositions of Christmas balls, pine needles, cones, juniper branches. We intertwine bunches of pine, fir or juniper branches, fasten them with ribbons of red, silver or golden color and carefully arrange them between plates.
    • In elegant vases you can put coniferous bouquets from branches and decorate them with sweets in brilliant beautiful wrappers, shining balls, cones covered with golden paint from aerosol packaging.

    If you want your family in the coming year to be accompanied by abundance, prosperity and prosperity, decorate the festive table for the New Year 2014, showing all your imagination. And delicious food and snacks guarantee you the favor of the Mistress of the Year - the Emerald Horse.