• What is the horseshoe kidney and pregnancy in this anomaly

    During pregnancy, the kidneys receive an additional load: their normal function is added to the processing and removal of the mother from the body of the products of the fetus. In addition, some abnormalities of development and structure can trigger the occurrence of diseases in this body, dangerous for the future mother and developing child. Therefore, when planning a pregnancy with a doctor, a woman should assess their condition.

    Such a congenital anomaly consists in the fusion of two kidneys between the upper and lower poles. Often this is not manifested in any way, and the woman learns about the existence of an anomaly in the first ultrasound. Horseshoe-shaped kidney and pregnancy are most often compatible, but one should be aware of the occurrence of possible problems with this diagnosis.

    Horseshoe-shaped kidneys are located below the usual and practically motionless. This creates a high risk of damage to this organ with abdominal and lumbar injuries. In addition, this anomaly often causes intestinal spasms in the body of the expectant mother, constipation, a violation of the outflow of urine, pain in the abdomen. The pressure of the septum between the kidneys on the ureter can cause urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, arterial hypertension, kidney failure. In some cases, the joint organs squeeze the lower vena cava, because of what the pregnant woman can feel numbness, fever of the lower extremities.

    How to keep a pregnancy in an anomaly?

    With a horseshoe kidney, pregnancy is acceptable in the absence of secondary renal damage. If the anomaly occurs with other serious organ impairments, this may serve as an indication for its interruption. The issue of preserving the child in this case should be solved with a specialist after a thorough examination of the woman. In some cases, a cesarean section may be required.

    Surgical treatment during pregnancy usually does not produce. Indications for surgery can only be the emergence of a serious disease in this body, for example, the development of the tumor process. During the surgical intervention, the isthmus connecting the two kidneys is dissected.

    To avoid problems during the child's birth, childbirth, to maintain their own health and the health of the baby, a woman must follow simple rules:

    • , even if a woman has never suffered from such diseases, she must necessarily inspect them in order to take necessary measures during the planning phaseits preservation;
    • if doctors allow pregnancy in the presence of abnormalities in the structure of the kidneys, the expectant mother must strictly observe all the recommendations and appointments of specialists.

    A woman should know that if her diagnosis interferes with the normal course of pregnancy, she needs to put up with the inability to bear and give birth to a baby so as not to risk either herself or a little man. It does not mean that she can not raise and raise a child.

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