• First aid in case of electric shock

    At the moment of the current effect, the activity of important centers of the brain and autonomic nervous system of the heart is disrupted in the majority of victims. Separate groups of muscles convulsively contract, a spasm of the glottis comes, so that a person can not scream, suddenly pale, his lips turn blue, a cold sweat appears. Many lose consciousness for a few minutes, and sometimes hours. In more severe cases, breathing stops and the work of the heart is disrupted, until it stops.

    First aid to an electric shock person must be rendered immediately at the scene and simultaneously call an ambulance.

    As soon as possible, release the victim from the action of electric current, because because of convulsions, he can not do this himself. Unplug the switch, the switch, unscrew the fuse or cut the wire with an ax or shovel with a wooden handle. If you have scissors, nippers, a knife at hand, then before cutting the wire, wrap their handles with rubber or a dry woolen cloth. The wire can be pulled from the victim with a stick, board, wooden shovel. In other cases, the injured person should be pulled away from the wire by holding the coat, jacket, and the edge of the shirt, if they are dry.

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    Do not touch the naked body part of the victim, otherwise the rescuer himself will fall under the action of the current. Before proceeding with these actions, put on your hands rubber or dry woolen gloves, wrap the brush with a wool sweater or other dry cloth. For greater safety, isolate yourself from the ground by standing on the

    on a dry board, plywood board, plastic or rubber items, dry clothes. If the victim is high above the ground, then before turning off the electric current, stretch the tarpaulin or blanket so that the person does not break when falling.

    If, after being released from the current, signs of life are not present for the victim, it is necessary to immediately start artificial respiration and closed heart massage and continue without interrupting until the ambulance arrives. In this case, warm the victim with a blanket, clothes, warmers.

    If you managed to restore breathing and heart activity before the arrival of medical personnel, apply a dry sterile bandage to the affected area.

    With a small burn, use a regular bandage, with a common one - clean sheets or cloth.

    Do not apply medicinal products to the burn area - no liquids, no ointments, no powders!

    It happens that people with electric shock are trying to dig in the ground supposedly to drain the current. Do it in any case impossible! There is no charge of electric current in the victim's body. A burial in the ground is harmful, because the chest of the victim is squeezed, and, most importantly, the time necessary for its revitalization is lost.

    All affected electrocurrent should be delivered to a medical facility

    , and always on a stretcher, regardless of how you feel. So it is necessary to do it because the disorder of heart activity and breathing can come again.