Hydradenitis: photos, causes and treatment of hydradenitis under the mouse

  • Hydradenitis: photos, causes and treatment of hydradenitis under the mouse

    Inflammatory processes in the ducts of the apocrine glands cause disease - hydradenitis.

    Looks like an abscess, in a form similar to a canine mammary gland, and therefore received in the people, a cacophonous name - a bony udder.

    It manifests a sharp, purulent inflammation and an abscess under the armpits, in the scrotal and anus region, under the breast folds, on the labia of women.

    The disease is not affected by small children and the elderly, because the apocrine glands begin to secret at pubertal age and end during menopause. Hydradenite is more susceptible to the female population of 15 to 60 years.

    Clinical picture

    The clinic of hydradenitis under the arm is similar to furunculous manifestations. In the site of the entrance gates, infections are localized from one to several painful infiltrates. Hydradenitis does not have necrotic rods, which is different from furunculosis.

    Development of phlegmon in the subcutaneous tissue may be due to purulent processes of background disease, or to be an independent inflammatory process. Surface forms of hydradenitis are expressed by skin flushing and swelling, a patient's severe condition with very high( up to 40 degrees) temperature.
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    Phlegmon of odontogenic nature, formed on the neck and as a result of tooth decay by the carious process, can be life-threatening.

    Causes of hydradenitis

    Hydradenitis is a kind of pyoderma - skin diseases, expressed by inflammatory pustular processes, as a result of the penetration of representatives of pyogenic cocci into it.

    Inflammatory foci in the apocrine glands are the result of the action of bacteria of staphylococcus, penetrated through introduction into the body by the main route through microscopic lesions on the skin, through the hair follicle, or by lymphatic pathway from another area of ​​the system.

    An additional factor is a moist environment, in particular sweat, which promotes the multiplication of various infections - viral, fungal and bacterial nature.

    The risk factor is:

    • weakened immunity;
    • malfunctions in hormonal processes;
    • endocrine pathology;
    • itching, skin dermatoses;
    • consequence of dystrophic changes in sweat glands;
    • manifests itself in excess weight, causing skin streptodermia
    Promotes the development of hydradenitis under the arm, non-compliance with basic hygiene rules.

    Symptoms of hydradenitis

    At the very beginning of the disease, palpation can identify dense nodular formations in the form of hills that are located in the thick layer of the dermis or in the subcutaneous layer of the cellulose. In this case, patients feel soreness and itching.

    Developing, nodular formations show such symptoms:

    • significantly increase in size,
    • is observed adhesion process with skin, nodules become pear shaped;
    • rise above the surface of the skin with nipples resembling the mammary glands of dogs;
    • skin color becomes cyanotic;
    • education is surrounded by swelling;
    • increases soreness.
    Knot formations can go into the draining stage, soften, independently open, highlighting a purulent substrate with bloody impurities. Sometimes manifestations of hydradenitis can be in the form of a large infiltrate similar to a dense disk. With this development, soreness is manifested even in a calm state.

    Gidradenitis of ripened form causes such symptoms:

    • feeling of general malaise;
    • body temperature changes;
    • tenderness, weakness and nausea.
    Opening of nodules removes the tension of the skin, which reduces pain, the process of cicatrizing ulcers begins.

    Diskoobraznoe inflammatory formation resolves very slowly. With relapsing forms of the disease, the treatment becomes lingering in nature, trapping nearby tissues and sweat glands in the pustular process.

    This could be:

    • with inadequate therapy;
    • for delayed treatment;
    • and neglect of hygiene.
    • for background diseases provoking a decrease in immunity
    The disease can be unilateral( more often in the axillary zone), and localized on both sides of the body. On average, the disease can last up to two weeks.

    Possible complications of

    As with any other disease, delayed or incompetent treatment of hydradenitis, carries a bunch of problems associated with possible complications.

    With purulent manifestation of hydradenitis, untimely or irregular drainage of pustular lesions causes extensive abscesses of soft tissues, the development of putrefactive phlegmon and chronic lymphadenitis. A far-reaching process of the disease, can lead to sepsis, as a result of pathological processes in the vascular bed and purulent infection in the blood.


    Diagnostic determination of hydradenite, not difficult, is established mainly by visual inspection.

    Confirms the diagnosis of clinical data indicating the increase in leukocytes, which is characterized by the development of inflammatory purulent processes, and a decrease in the content of erythrocytes( anemia), confirming the presence of inflammatory foci.

    In case of chronic disease, the pathogen is determined and its susceptibility to antibiotics, by the method of taking purulent contents for bacteriological analysis.

    A differential diagnosis is required for the exception:

    • of lymphadenitis;
    • of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma;
    • of lymphogranulomatosis;
    • furunculosis;
    • Mycobacterium - causative agent of tuberculosis

    Treatment of hydradenitis

    Methods of treatment of hydradenitis by official medicine include conservative and radical treatment.

    Conservative treatment includes the use of:

    1. 1) Antibacterial therapy - Antibiotics, tetracycline drugs and macrolide classes are prescribed to fight infection. Can be given in tablets and in injections - intramuscular or intravenous.
    2. 2) Hormone therapy, which has a therapeutic effect on the various phases of inflammatory processes - glucocorticoid drugs, injected directly into the infiltration site as injections.
    3. 3) Specific immunotherapy - to stimulate immune processes. In the form of the introduction of antistaphylococcal gamma globulin.
    4. 4) The appointment of retinoid drugs that affect the formation of horny substance in the epidermis.
    5. 5) Local therapy is applied - antiseptic disinfection of the skin.
    6. 6) UHF procedures.
    7. 7) Local UFO skin
    8. 8) Application of centimeter wave therapy

    Radical treatment of hydradenitis

    Disease with purulent discharge is subject to radical treatment - surgically. Drainage does not bring due results, because in the infiltration zone, at this stage, multiple small-focal abscesses are formed, which, in any case, continue purulent discharge.

    A deep incision is made, reaching unaffected tissues, purulent substrate is removed along with infiltrated fatty tissue. After healing of wounds, antibacterial medication therapy combined with physiotherapy is performed.

    In the case of recurrent hydradenitis, complete excision of the tissue affected by the lesion along with the subcutaneous tissue is performed. A patch of skin taken from the operated patient is transplanted into the exposed area.


    After surgical treatment, physiotherapy is prescribed, including:

    1. 1) Photochemotherapy - to improve the body's resistance to various infections.
    2. 2) Infrared therapy - to relieve pain.
    3. 3) Magneto-laser therapy - providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
    For the treatment of recurrent forms of the disease, prescriptions include ultrasound therapy and electrophoresis in combination with medications.

    Preventative measures

    Preventative measures for hydradenitis are based on compliance with certain rules:

    • regular water procedures - shower, bath;
    • treatment of areas under the armpits boron-camphor alcohol.
    • moderate use of antiperspirants.
    • mandatory application after shaving of disinfectants.
    • support and strengthen immunity.
    If you observe such simple rules, you can protect yourself from many problems.

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